Southcott Owls

Southcott Owls 0 2 W & W FC Cyclones
11th October 2014
mkddl div 3 league game

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum(c),Callun,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals.Alex & Aaron.


Cyclones second away game of the season against Southcott Owls who with have a history with i remember they gave us a footballing lesson many years ago when we first began as cyclones but in the last two games against them we had won.

First thing to note todays game was played on a 3G astro turf pitch  and with todays weather of rain we as coaches knew it was an advantage to Southcott.

So we reminded the boys about the bounce of the ball will go higher and not to forget the ball is going to run quicker on it.

So we started the game and we seemed to struggle with the surface Southcott certainly had a advantage obviously playing there home games on here regurlary so was a tense first half Southcott certainly had the better chances and Korban was called into action a few times but as like last week he was on form and came to our rescue on a few ocassions.

The boys then started to get a little more comfortable with the surface and finally we got a break when Alex put the ball in Southcotts net.

We now just hoped the boys settled down and played our football but it was certainly was against the run of play,not to say we didnt have chances Aaron,Malik,Sam and Alex were unlucky and not forgetting the  long range effort from Callan which only went wide.

Half time Southcott 0-1 Cyclones.

Team talk simple lets keep trying to play our game just take a little off the ball as it was zipping around to quickly we needed to slow it down.

So we started the second half much better certainly from the first half again but Southcott certainly had chances Callum and Morgan certainly did well at the back, Morgan must have slight concusion the amount of times he headed the ball clear today from the Southcotts keepers long kick.

When Southcott again got past the two boys  Korban again saved the day he certainly had another cracking performance today commanding the box talkin to his defence,sweeping balls clear when required.

Finally we managed to get the 2nd goal, Aaron finally got it and hit another rocket from a short distance and it hit the back of the net when he gets his full power behind it no keeper is stopping it.

So we finish the game 0-2 we get the win and the 3 points so we should be happy on what was a difficult surface and certinly gives a advantage to the team who plays on it more often(not that Southcott didn’t play well).

I know they say its like grass but astroturf personally is nowhere near but we dug in and grounded the result out.

We thank Southcott Owls for a tough game and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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