Southside Utd

W & W FC Cyclones 1 0 Southside Utd
21st march 2015
home-crawley road

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan(c) & Sam.

Goals. Sam.

Today cyclones were back in league action and today we were up against Southside utd the team that beat us to the winter league 3 title.

We have always had close games against Southside and they have always been tight encounters so today we needed to be up and ready for it.

To be honest warm up was worrying we seemed like we were already losing to Southside,we were to busy watching them preparing than getting ourselves ready,time for a few stern words from us coaches to get the boys awake and ready because we didn’t want a first half like last week again,we wanted to start the game the way we finished last week’s performance in the 2nd half .

So the 1st half began cyclones shooting down hill with a little bit of wind with us.the game started and both teams were very quite,both teams looked to play some nice football but both also looked nervous and worried to make the first mistake,the coaches of both sides tried to settle there team down.

We know what Southside strengths were and we set out to stop that early in the game they had pace down the wings and the striker up front who was strong and fast with another forward/attacking midfielder just behind,although today it looked like our defence were up for the challenge winning most of the balls that got into our half,Morgan almost knocked himself out when heading one ball clear which came down from a height,most boys would have bottled heading that but not Morgan.

Callum and Alex were also winning the battles with john and Sam supporting them from the wings.

The one thing we had learned from last week was that pressuring the opposition causes panic and can lead to mistakes and we were trying to stifle any Southside player who got the ball straight away not giving them time to get control of the ball.

That’s how we managed to score 18 minutes in Sam chased the Southside midfielder down and won the ball pushing forward and with support from Aaron caused the Southside defence to not clear the ball fully and Sam got the ball and slotted it past the out coming keeper it seem to pass in slow motion in to the net but thankfully if crossed the line 1-0 cyclones.

The 1st half continued with both teams trying to break each other down but neither side could find a goal our boys possibly had more goal attempts but with no joy,Southside although had some attacking play yet Korban didn’t have any real attempts to deal with.

Halftime 1-0 and the game was still hanging in the balance.

We told the boys to continue with the same intensity and work rate we just needed to be more aware of the wind being behind them now they would like us try and use that with the pace they had.

So the game started and straight away that’s what happened the wind seemed to cause us a few problems and certainly for 5-8 minutes we had to soak up the pressure Southside were putting on us.

Southside 1st real clear cutchance come when there striker got loose from our defence and he hit it form 6yds to the top corner of the near post but thankfully Korban managed to push it away.

After that mad 5-8 minutes we started to cause them some problems again Sams pace especially down the right and Malik skills down the left,but still no more goals.

To be honest it wasn’t a game with lots of goal attempts both teams certainly tried to break each other down,both teams work together as teams in defending as well as attacking as a team.

So that’s how the game finished with cyclones winning with the solitary goal of the game.

Ok it wasn’t our best footballing performance but sometimes you grind out results that you deserve and today I felt that we just had the slight edge with the chances we had.

The togetherness the boys showed today was great to see every player on that pitch for the cyclones put effort in and supported each other.

The talking was also very good today Alex ,Callum & Morgan were constantly talking to each other moving the attacker on to each other as he moved across the defensive line or getting the midfield to mark other players so they could hold the centre of the pitch,this was something we have been working on recently in training so was great to see it working in games.

Like last week it’s the team effort and togetherness that won us this game as I’ve said everybody did there part although I’ve not mentioned Alfie,Bailey,Callan and Charlie.

Although i will say Callan today in the second half was fantastic,he will himself admit he doesn’t like being a holding/defensive midfielder but today he played the role brilliantly picking up the loose balls and turning them into attacks and he certainly stopped there attacking midfielder causing us many problems.

He helped cover the defenders when they moved forward and as I previously mentioned making our defending play turn quickly into attacks moving the ball in all directions causing Southside trouble in the the areas we wanted the ball to be in there half,so please continue with that effort and work rate Callan.

We thank Southside Utd for a great contested game today and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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