W & W FC Cyclones 3 0 Stewkley fc
25th October 2014
Home-Crawley rd

Squad. Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum(c),Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Cyclones take a break from league action and play Stewkley who play in division 4 and sit 2nd in it currently so a good run out expected for the 10 boys in the squad today with Aaron away and Callan not well.

After last weeks disappointing result last week we just wanted the boys to give us a performance we know they can give us.

So the game started and to be honest Stewkley looked more up for it than us for the first 15 minutes we couldn’t get the ball down and play Stewkley looked to cause us trouble the defence seemed low in confidence maybe down to last week and the midfield looked nervous also.

All we kept saying to the boys was just take you time don’t panic take control of the ball and start playing our game.

Finally we played some good passing Charlie intercepted and Bailey passed it out to Alfie who crossed it over for Sam to finish a great team goal.

Once that goal went in the relief on the teams face was there to be seen and a little bit of confidence started to show and almost straight away Sam scored a 2nd after another good bit of play he stuck the ball in Stewkly’s goal from the edge of the area.

For the rest of the first half we started to look a little more like ourselves and created chances Alfie had a great shot smash off the cross bar being the highlight of them but Stewkley still caused us a few difficult moments.

Half time cyclones 2-0 Stewkley.

Half time and we just said to the boys be confident and shut them down early all the basic things we as coaches ask and to go and get the result we all wanted.

So the 2nd half started very much like the last 15 of the 1st half we certainly show more threat but Stewkley certainly had chances Korben called into action a few times and showed his recent good form again wanting to keep the clean sheet.

Cyclones then got a 3rd goal a good attack ended with Sam taking a shot but was going well wide until it hit a Stewkley defender and it went into his own net sadly for the boy who couldn’t get out the way.

That’s how the game finished 3-0 to the cyclones

But today was certainly about us having a good performance and today several of the boys certainly did.

Bailey today was up for it from the 1st whistle he may not have scored(it will come) but today his engine and determination was there to be seen.

John started the game a bit off but the second half was great he managed to show his ability in both going forward and in his defending.

Alfie started on the bench but when he came on he showed us some great footwork it certainly created the 1st goal just wished that crossbar was a little higher and that shot would have gone in before half time.
Those three boys get a special mention but again the rest certainly did there part Callum was solid all day,Malik and his tricks caused problem as did Alex up top and in the midfield with his determination and ability,Charlie broke up lots in the centre again Morgan certainly showed some of his great defending again Sam with his pace caused problems and scored a great strike for his 2nd goal today and finally Korban who again keeps a clean sheet and produced vital saves when called upon.

Ok we certainly wasn’t at our best but we all showed a good togetherness and willing to improve from last week which was great to see.

We thank Stewkley for a great game and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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