Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Tattenhoe FC Greens U9

Tattenhoe FC Greens U9

Tattenhoe Greens 0 0 WWFC Hurricanes
24/09/2016 at TBC
Tattenhoe Pavilion (Main) 2
League Game

An extra late kickoff and the FA Silent Weekend, was an unfamiliar backdrop for the game.

Our message prior to kickoff was to try to communicate as much as possible, as we wouldn’t be talking at all during play. Other than that, play as a team and enjoy the game.

The game ebbed and flowed, both teams wanted to play football and both keepers had work to do early on. For the first time this season, we conceded first, I was interested to see how the team would react. The gameplay on the pitch was brilliant, chances for both teams, but we conceded more goals and came up against a keeper in fine form.

TEAMTALK – The team were affected by the score, and unfortunately, were looking for someone to blame? Although probably more out of frustration than anything else.

The message was clear, forget the score and keep trying to play their natural game. Share the ball, and don’t try to do it all alone. Whatever we do, whatever the result, we do as a TEAM.

The second half began and it appeared the half time talk had worked, some brilliant passing moves allowed us to create chances at will. They couldn’t do much more in attack, but (like the first half) the opposing keeper managed to block, parry or hold on to everything that came at his goal.

We would go on to concede two more goals from the very top drawer, before finally getting on the scoresheet ourselves. With 10 minutes remaining, that was the confidence boost we needed. All of a sudden, it was one way traffic as the team went on to score another three goals in quick succession.

A great attitude from all, as they played (as we ask them every time) TO THE END!


HOMEWORK – don’t always wait for the ball… unless you’re sure that a pass will reach you, be prepared to ‘go to’ the ball as well!

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