Tattenhoe Pumas

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Tattenhoe Pumas were the guests at Woburn this week for an epic match filled with goals.

Q1: extremely impressive passing moves from defence through to attack
Q2: goal-packed
Q3: lots of attempted dribbles and passes in our own half
Q4: end-to-end with more attacking play


* Lewis – another very accurate goal-kick pass to Finley on the left wing
* Noah – take your pick from a squillion drag-back skills
* Maxwell – a pelopina turn to escape the defence in Q3
* Finley – bravely getting up after the ball was smashed at his guts (an assist!)
* Jake – a lovely first touch pass back to Noah in Q1
* Alexander – a tricky run down the wing in Q4, with a stop-and-push beating the defender
* Agastya – collecting the keeper’s pass at halfway to dribble forwards into the penalty area
* Thomas – first touch control from an Agastya to then pass forwards onto Lewis in attack

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