Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Tattenhoe yth fc tigers

Tattenhoe yth fc tigers

Tattenhoe yth tigers 2 3 W & W FC Cyclones
14th march 2015

Squad. Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam(c).

Goals.Malik,Bailey & Callum.

Cyclones today we’re back in league action against Tattenhoe Youth Tigers who so far had 2 wins out of 2 and were in winter league 1 so we knew we were in for a tough game again this week.

After last week’s game although that we lost it our play in it gave us belief as coaches The boys could get a result today.

So the warm up was not the best everyone looked tired,cold and we looked uninterested a few choice words before and hopefully that would make them realise that!

The game started and to be honest we were so slow we lacked energy,desire and determination we didn’t look anything like ourselves and to be fair Tattenhoe were playing some great flowing football they were moving it very well and very quickly got the first goal.

The boys seemed all over the place missing simple tackles letting players just walk pass them we needed to wake up soon or we would be in big trouble.

We then conceded a second and we looked dead and buried,Tattenhoe were playing some nice football but without being disrespectful to them we couldn’t make it any easier for them.

The only real bit of good football we played in the first half was in the final minute of the half,a few good passes started with Sam on the right and finished with Malik from the left putting it into the goal.

Malik deserved to score that as he put in the best performance from a cyclone player in the first half.

It was a good team goal and to be honest probably saved the boys from a massive bit of hair dryer treatment from us coaches because they needed something even the parents/grandparents couldn’t believe how poor we looked.

So half time team talk was simple……..WAKE UP!!!!

Forget the first half we couldn’t play any worse.

We needed to get the ball and play our football how do we do it was simple show them we want it more than them.fight for every loose ball,close them down put them under pressure and fight with everything we had and finish the game knowing in the second half we gave it our all.

To be fair to the boys they were well aware how bad they had played and certainly knew themselves the standard in the first half was way below standards.

So the second half began and straight away we looked a completely different team and started to look like ourselves fighting for the ball and all the players started to believe in themselves and each other.

We then got the goal to level the score pressure starting with Alfie made Tattenhoe move the ball further into there half and it ended going back to the keeper who went to clear it but Bailey was on him putting him under pressure,which payed of for him because the keeper kicked it hitting Bailey on the heel which bounced past the keeper into the empty net.

A scrappy goal to score from Tattenhoe’s point of view but I certainly felt that the goal showed the boys why we want them to put teams under pressure quickly it causes error’s and we can benefited from them.

The boys looked up for it now and we looked the better side winning the ball more and more passing it well causing problems all over the pitch from the defence winning every ball the midfield passing the ball around the pitch going down the wings and through the middle and the forward line was chasing down everything Bailey,Sam,Malik and Alfie especially looked to be everywhere.

But the team all together were playing as a team not individuals which is what pleased us more we just hoped we could make this pressure count.

We then got a penalty Sam was fed through down the right and his pace got him in front of the defender and was taken down,the Tattenhoe manager felt it was harsh but I heard the defender himself say to his team mates he had no choice so guess that was very honest of him although the coach may not feel that way.

So up stepped Callum and calmly finished the penalty into the back of the net sending the keeper the wrong way,2-3 cyclones and the first time today we went into the lead.

Although we were now leading and looking the better team Tattenhoe still caused us some trouble but we looked like we were going to hang on Korban didn’t really get tested in the second half except for one shot from the left going across his goal but he got himself across and dived on it with determination not to beaten again today.

The team defensive display in the second was epitomised in the last few seconds when Tattenhoe had a corner there keeper was just in his own half they pushed 7 into the box but it was Morgan who headed it clear so far it almost went to there keeper.

The final whistle went soon after and we had got our first win in division 2,winning 2-3.

A game that we certainly didn’t look like winning after the first half,but credit to the boys for the second half they were fantastic.

They should all be proud of the passion and TEAM work they all put into that second half we told the boys at the end of the game we will Criticise them like we did at half time when they don’t perform as they can,but with the effort,desire,determination and togetherness they showed in the second half we can’t do nothing more than praise and be proud of them.

Usually at this point of the report I single out players for praise,today malik showed some great footwork and fight in the first half but I must praise every player for today’s second half TEAM performance they couldn’t have done anymore than they did,all we would ask them is can we do it for the whole game because if Tattenhoe had been more clinical in the first half the come back may not have been possible.

We certainly know that because it happened to us last week when we should have perhaps won a game but wasn’t clinical and two errors cost us,but thats football its a funny old game.

We thank Tattenhoe youth tigers for today’s game and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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