C.Cup Toddington 0 9 Lionesses
27 Feb 2016
County Cup

Squad: Charlie, Leanne, Alice, Chloe A, Millie, Micky, Grace, Emily, Molly, Carrie, Amy, Casey, Georgie.

Saturday 27th Feb. 2016. Away at Toddington Rovers.

BEDS.COUNTY CUP . round robin

Toddington 0 – 9 Lionesses – Bright sunshine & blue sky.

Attendance: 32 ( 25 from Lionesses! ) most of them Emily’s Family!!

Perfect morning for football, a short drive to Toddington a cup a coffee, what more can you ask ? As usual a nice welcome from Toddington and two teams looking keen to play a competitive game. Both teams started unsurprisingly slow as no game play bfor what seems like weeks & weeks.

Some early runs up the wings helped Casey to make an early breakthrough after only 2mins 41secs, this settled the Lionesses down as the message was play the ball on the floor and keep it! Not easy on a heavy bobbly pitch with lots of divots.

The Lionesses worked hard to try and play the quick passing game and were rewarded again by Casey on 21 mins.Millie then popped up for a corner to make a great header on 29 mins .0-3 half time.

Second half went much the same with the Lionesses back 5 being rotated around to give everyone a good run out including the Goal keepers.

Then Carrie with a long drive on 47 mins & Molly on 49 & 50 mins with her trade mark strikes goals no. 4,5 & 6 for the Lionesses. Game over !

Still time for Amy ( at last ) on 73 mins and not for the want of trying , bless her, to slot home no.7.  Then even Charlie got in on the act going from in goal 1st half  to up front 2nd half knocks one in from a cross! goal No.8. Then finally Emily on 77 mins gets what she deserves with a long awaited goal, final score 0-9 which means we must be in the County Cup final again as this was the 3rd win in the County Cup!

Unluckiest Lionesses on the pitch today was Georgie who try as she might could not beat the Toddington keeper who some how stopped all Georgie’s efforts on goal, well done Georgie for keeping on going!! Your day will come.

Well done again to the squad & supporters.

POM Millie Glenn – Captain.








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