U7 Whirlwinds grudge match

Team High-vis 8 4 Team Blue

After the boys had their practice and received their awards, the Celebrations Day continued with a game played by their families. Preparations began with a sweaty warm-up where onlookers admired some practice goal celebrations, particularly Ben’s bow, Harry’s woo-woo cradle and Finley’s grandad’s knee slide.

The game itself was won by the team in high-vis jackets… I know: “aren’t they all“, right? The boys marked their observations on whiteboards before disappearing to the park.

Team High-vis
*Priyank – an unbeatable keeper, just like his son. Prepared professionally, without a choc muffin or hotdog in sight.
*Barry – South American in all senses. In defence, a cheating shirt-tugger. In attack, a hip-swivelling netbuster.
*Stacey – a misser of open goals. Redeemed by successfully pulling off the Under7-bib-with-jeans look and a budding physio career: “are your knees alright Dad?”
*Dave – a taker of no prisoners. Defended with heart and attacked with skill and energy. A true competitor.
*Lewis’ Grandad – a grand ball-player. Deprived game time by the tireless energy of teammates who didn’t want to stop.
*Ben – a trickster. Passed one shot through a crowd and past the keeper in the first half before a couple of second-half jinking runs.
*James (Deep Blue) – a deliverer. Maybe didn’t quite deliver the ‘I used to play like Paul Gascoigne’ prophecy, but did deliver some very delicious post-match chips. Yummers!

Team Blue
*Nick – an able and willing attacker, caught on camera attempting a backheel shot but criticised by the boys for a loss of balance.
*Hayley – a defensive stalwart. Showed remarkable movement for a player in denim and showed a smart sense of position to cover up for the absence of fellow defenders.
*Steve – an inventor. Saved shots with his knuckles. His knuckles! Knuckles? Fortunately for Team Blue, the knuckles were big and strong when called upon.
*Finley’s Grandad – a player with talent. Had few opportunities to repeat the knee-slide celebration, but on a pitch as dry as this, maybe for the best. Showed some very neat touches.
*Jill – a wing-dweller. Found space out on the wing with smart positional sense and showed good ball control on a bouncy pitch.
*Leon – a rescuer. Filled the goal with a tall and broad physique to deny Team High-vis any chance of scoring past him.
*Harry – a cheat of the most alarming nature, running onto the pitch from the subs bench just in time to receive a pass and score while Team High-vis looked on, bemused. It was a very tidy finish though!
*David – a mover and a shaker. “I’ll play in attack” were the first words to pass his lips and some neat pieces of ball control were the first to pass his hips. “I did track back“; he claimed post-match, somewhat dubiously.
*Russ – a wonder to behold. The undoubted star of the show, his performance restored our faith in British football. Abandoned his defensive duties to score after a stuttering run, before passing to somebody who wasn’t there on several occasions. Total garbage.

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