U8 Hurricanes

U7 Whirlwinds 0 0 U8 Hurricanes
03-Sep 2016

This was the Whirlwinds’ first ever match, a friendly with WWFC’s under 8 Hurricanes at our home ground. Pre-match preparations included happy faces, grumpy faces and silly faces for the team photos.

Q1; encouraging – lots of dribbles, close control and drag-back skills.
Q2; astonishing – a team goal with 4 passes starting from the keeper and some heroic defending.
Q3; impressive – individual goals from close control dribbles.
Q4; confident – good short passes and competitive tackling.


Agastya – a 2-minute spell where Agastya made 3 rescue tackles in the penalty area.
Alexander – a Pelopina skill to escape 2 defenders in Q4.
Finley – a drag-back skill that escaped a crowded midfield in Q2.
Jack – a drag-and-push skill on the wing in Q1 (we haven’t even practised that one yet).
Jake – a brave block in the penalty area that stopped the other team scoring in Q1.
Lewis – take your pick from any of the forward passes and through balls in Q2.
Maxwell – calmly protected the ball after a pass from the keeper, dragged the ball and turned into attack.
Noah – a great escape to dribble away from 2 defenders in a tight corner in Q4.
Thomas – protecting the ball and drawing in two defenders before making a through ball to Noah in Q3.

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