WWFC Lions -Hurricanes 0 3 WWFC Lions - Whirlwinds
17th September 2016
Wavendon Recreation Ground

It was an exceptionally cold and dull morning for the Hurricanes v. Whirlwinds friendly. Dull definitely summarising the Hurricanes as they were exceptionally slow to start!

The Whirlwinds started very positive and scored after 10mins and had possession of the ball for most of the time!

Having said this Archie W. Kept his cool under the pressure and made some exceptional saves. He definitely seems to be excelling with his goalkeeping skills.

The Whirlwinds were passing the ball well and the team seemed to know what each other was thinking. Again they scored.

Finally, just before half time, the Hurricanes had a burst of energy and Joe V had a great attempt at goal but a super save from the goalkeeper kept the half time score at Whirlwinds 2 – Hurricanes 0.

The second half started with much more enthusiasm from the Hurricanes and there was a great attempt at goal from Dan in the first few minutes.

Jake and Archie both had shots at goal but unfortunately they both went wide.

With anticipation mounting from the crowd there was a great run from Dan who passed to Archie but Cathal just missed the cross.

Unfortunately, with the Hurricanes having most of the play in second half, the Whirlwinds broke away for just a moment and again managed to score.

In summary, the Hurricanes did produce some good moments of football but they cannot afford to start so slowly in future – something I think management will be addressing!

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