Willen Serpents

WWFC Lions - Hurricanes 0 0 Willen Serpents
20th February 2016
Wavendon Rec.



Having discovered our opponents previous result against the Whirlwinds, the Manager made the mistake of assuming the same team would turn up to face the Hurricanes.  Apart from already knowing that at this level, teams go up and down like yoyos, the research did not mention the absence of 4 key players from the opposition last week !  The formation and line up we chose to start the game was not best suited to some very fast passing and movement from Willen, and before we knew it the defence had been taken apart 3 times.  The old issue of slow starts did not help, however by the time we reached half time, the boys had a mountain to climb.  All credit to the Hurricanes, they made a fight of it and dominated the second period without really testing the goalkeeper.  Certainly a lesson learnt, and a compliment from Willen who said we were the strongest team they had faced this season. At full strength, Willen will do very well. A good test for the boys, and an indication that we need to up our game as we take on harder opponents.

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