Winslow Utd Pumas

Winslow Utd Pumas 1 7 W & W FC Cyclones
8th November 2014
Richard Roper playing fields
mkddl div 3 league game

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum(c),Callun,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals.Alex,Alfie,Callum,Malik & Sam 3.

Cyclones today we’re back in league action away to Winslow Utd Puma’s,we had played here last year on a different pitch that looked bigger but that was in use so we had what seemed a smaller pitch but we wasn’t to worried as our boys can adjust to any pitch size to suit our game.

Before the game started both teams & parents show respect in holding a 2 minute silence remembering the fallen for remembrance weekend something we as a club supported more this year with each team wearing poppies from poppies4kits which our boys seemed very proud to be wearing today.
So the game started and we wanted to start the game just like lasts week with a high tempo and put Winslow under pressure and we certainly started putting them under pressure but not with the intensity of last week.

But then we got sloppy we had pushed so far up the centre midfield were more like strikers and the defence were on the edge of Winslow’s part of the centre circle and they pushed a ball past us and the striker run on and put it past Korban 1-0 Winslow.

That goal then seemed to wake our boys up and we picked it up and we started playing much better and quickly equalised through some great build up play Alfie again scoring with a confident finish.

Before the end of the half we scored 2 more goals from Sam i would like to say I remember the third goal but to be honest I missed it and never realised we scored it until the parents told me(bad coach).

So half time Winslow Utd Puma’s 1-3 Cyclones.

Half time team talk was simple we can win this and score lots more if we keep the pressure on them the defence only had to be careful not to loose there striker one of them had to watch him and our boys needs to move the ball quicker.use the width we had lots of space down the flanks Malik especially causing there right back problems with his wizardry.

From the start the boys showed the intent and did what we asked Alfie and Aaron did well down the right but today the left side and Malik seemed to be our best outlet and he put a lovely through pass in for Alex who again like last week showed his great composure in front of goal and slipped it past the keeper a great team goal.

Malik then got the goal he deserved today he got the ball on the edge of the area on the left turned the defender left then right then left again went passed him and placed the ball to the right of the outstretched keeper you could see Malik’s delight when he celebrated the goals running and sliding to his knees.

Malik then played a part for the sixth goal he again used his skills and turned the defender agin but this time the defender tackles was late tripping Malik in the box cyclones receive a penalty.

Up stepped Callum a surprise choice but he’s never missed a pen for the cyclones in any shoot out or match over the years so hopefully he wouldn’t today and thankfully he didn’t putting it high and off the bottom of crossbar into the net.

The cyclones then got there final goal usually we send Morgan and Callum up for corners but both had been substituted,Callun hit a deep cross and up popped sam who had run from deep he stuck out a outstretched knee to put it in the back of the net and complete his hatrick.

So the game finished Winslow Utd 1-7 Cyclones a good team performance considering the windy and wet conditions, Winslow caused us some problems but the defensive 4 and Korban stayed strong and finally won that battle and gave our attacking players the freedom today to show there attacking threat that gave us 7 goals and more importantly the 3 points.

We thank Winslow for the game today and congratulate them on the effort and team spirit the boys still gave to the end even when 1-7 down and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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