Wisbech 6 0 Lionesses
5 September 2015
Wisbech St Mary

Squad: Leanne, Grace, Michaela, Chloe A, Millie, Carrie, Amy, Emily, Casey, Jemma, Alice, Georgie

Attendance: 26

Lionesses goals: None

Sadly, the Lionesses may have been beaten ultimately before they started, as they expected to travel with 15 from the squad of 16 but on arrival were down to 12.

However it has to be said we had great hosts at some of the best facilities we have played. A flat grassy pitch in the fenced off area adjacent to the floodlit first team pitch. Changing rooms, food afterwards and even a golf cart to get an injured player to a car. Fantastic effort from WSM for putting the game on.

Having conceded a goal on 3 minutes, 52 minutes then elapsed, where the game was even and it was only the final third of the game that saw the Lionesses succumb. The Lionesses struggled with injuries during the game. Leanne did make 7 or 8 saves, so the score could have been worse.

Still a learning exercise and hopefully with a fully fit and present squad some of last year’s form can be re-kindled.

Thank you to all those who travelled such a long way.

Steve and Pat

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