Woburn Lionesses (Claret) U13 FC

Woburn Lionesses (Blue) U13 FC 0 2 Woburn Lionesses (Claret) U13 FC
10th Jan 2015
Wavendon Gate School

I normally leave it awhile to write the report so I have time to think of how to say what I need to say. But I don’t think this performance requires me to think.

You were pretty awesome. The effort, put in, and the quality of football was outstanding. 2nd in the league. We only lost 2-0 to SECOND in the league! This is a good result for most teams when they play clarets.  We had chances up front as well.

SO please. Don’t get disheartened. I know some of you felt bad before Christmas because of our big loss. So did I. But this is a breakthrough for our team. As summed up by Bethan. “Now that we have done this, I feel like we can do anything.”

As we won’t to go home nice and early today, we didn’t manage to do managers or parents’ player of the match. Although, literally all of you had great games. Not many times I get to say that.

Parents’ player was: Bethan… Very well played.

Managers’ player was: Emily… She made many many saves.

Thanks for the support parents.

Let’s keep the momentum up.

And maybe. Next game will be our game.



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