Woburn & Wavendon Football Club WWFC Lions- Whirlwinds

WWFC Lions- Whirlwinds

WWFC Lions - Hurricanes 0 0 WWFC Lions - Whirlwinds
30th January 2016
Wavendon Rec.


VICTORYAnother League encounter with the Whirlwinds…… always keenly contested and close affairs.  We expected another tight encounter, however even the most optimistic Hurricane could not have forecast the way this one turned out.  Sadly (due to FA guidelines) this report cannot talk about eight superb goals with two strikers on fire (one playing in that position for the first time) with a hatrick each.  Instead, we can concentrate on a well disciplined team with a hunger for the ball, and the sense to release quickly and progress rapidly up the field.  The opposition did not make too many mistakes, but our speed and movement was decisive, whilst the defence maintained an excellent shape and snuffed out most danger for the the first three quarters of the match.  The midfield worked hard in attack, and encouragingly got back quickly to defend too. We talked about recovery, shape and movement ahead of the match, and without exception, the boys concentrated well in delivering these targets.  The result was one of our most impressive performances as a team.  All credit to the Whirlwinds, they kept going and pinned us back in the last quarter, so if we were to be at all critical, at that stage we needed to slow the game down and just keep it simple.  Well done everyone.  Remember to keep looking to improve….. never go overboard when you win or get too despondent when you loose.

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