Woburn & Wavendon Football Club WWFC Lions -Whirlwinds

WWFC Lions -Whirlwinds

WWFC Lions - Whirlwinds 0 0 WWFC Lions - Hurricanes
7th November 2015
Wavendon Recreation Ground
Hurricanes & Whirlwinds observing the 1 minute silence.

Hurricanes & Whirlwinds observing the 1 minute silence.

Gutsy Performance

It had been wet all week, and with more overnight rain and heavy winds driving across the Rec, we were fortunate to be able to go ahead with the team’s ‘oldest fixture’ this Remembrance Weekend.  A minutes silence was held ahead of the match, and conditions certainly gave a very slight reminder of the way things were in the trenches of WW1.  In fact the match was to be a similar battle against the elements, as much as a footballing contest.  With the wind and rain driving play down to the Village end, the Hurricanes enjoyed this advantage for the 1st half.  With most of the play and chances in the Whirlwind’s half, we came close several times but as half time neared, we seemed to be heading for the break without anything to show for it.  The muddy conditions were certainly playing a part, making accurate passing and shooting difficult, whilst the wind made crosses and high balls a bit of a lottery.  No matter, both sides were hugely competitive and battled on. F.A. guidelines mean we cannot report important decisions, penalties etc, but you know what happened.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going !

When the going gets tough, the tough get going !

The second half was almost a carbon copy of the first half but in reverse !  Dogged defending and some brilliant counter attacks kept us hoping we could win, however a fair result was delivered in the end.  All credit to both set of players, who delivered an exciting game in demanding circumstances.  100% effort all round, and the players conducted themselves excellently.  From our point of view, we did what we had to do to grind out a result.  It would have been good to see both sides showing how they have progressed in the 9-a-side game, however this was a day to pull up your sleeves, battle hard and go home for a well earned hot bath.   Well done all, and to parents/relatives for cheering the boys on and surviving the elements.SCORE DRAW

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