WWFC tournament

WWFC Summer Tournament 0 0 WWFC tournament
1st July 2017

Arrival time for players on Saturday is 2pm.

This is a competitive tournament for our age group, which means if we are not one of the two top teams to finish in our group, then we are likely to finish around 6pm.

If we were lucky enough to make it to the final, then it will be around a 730pm finish inclusive of the presentation.

Please see a WhatsApp from me sent on Sunday 25th June for further details.

  1. Our first group game will be at 2.30pm, followed by 3.30pm, 4pm, 5pm and 5.30pm
  2. 5 games played in the group
  3. Playing on pitch 5
  4. GKs cannot touch the ball outside the area
  5. Backpass rule and retreat line applies
  6. Winners of the 3 groups plus best 2nd place team go through to the semi finals

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