W & W FC Cyclones 5 2 W & W FC Hurricanes
27th may 2015
home-crawley road

Squad. Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan,Sam(c) & Owen.

Goals. Alex 2,Alfie & Sam

Today’s evening game was against our fellow Woburn & Wavendon FC team the Hurricanes.

We wanted the boys to start playing more comfortable in this formation because we really do now think we should be getting more accustomed to it now this being our 5th game at it.

We also wanted to try a relaxed warm up to see if the less approach helped the boys settle down quicker.

Game started and our boys looked to attack early on but hurricanes also wanted to show us they wanted to give us a game.

Cyclones were tying to play to our strengths passing the ball around and move the ball quicker but it lacked intensity to us it felt the boys again knew we were going to win before we started because we beat these easily last time but us as coaches know that game means nothing today.

We soon went a goal up Alex scoring after some good work from the boys.

Hopefully this would get us moving but very shortly we were all square again Hurricanes got a corner.

A great cross and it hit the defenders head,I’m not sure he wasn’t aware he had scored and thought it came of our player as he didn’t really celebrate it but it was defiantly his goal.

Hopefully that might wake us up now !

We soon went back in front Alex again finishing not bad for a defender upfront in Aaron’s absence although he could be a striker he has scored 18 now this season.

Sadly for us hurricanes went level again a long ball over top an we left a big gap between the defence and Korban neither managing to get to it quick enough a disappointing goal as we thought we had sorted theses out recently.

It almost got worse again boys were committed to far up and they broke thankfully the hurricanes players shot went over the bar only just would have been a great goal for them most of us on the side lines thought it was in.

That’s how it finished at half time,although the biggest highlight and possibly funniest was the ref (hurricanes manager) telling the linesman (Cyclones manager/club chairman) to stop coaching whilst doing the line it got a great laugh/cheer from both teams parents and a even bigger one from our boys.

Half time was a bit of home truths to the boys we don’t win games whoever it is if we don’t perform at our best it’s not just a simple turn up and score goals and win,when we play the better sides we always give them a game so that’s what teams are going to do against us.

So we started better and soon went a goal up again Sam getting the goal hopefully we could continue that without conceding.

The back looked a big more solid and a unit and the desire looked to have improved we were trying to get our game going,hurricanes were certainly doing there best to close us down quickly put us under pressure early everything we do to the good sides and it was working for them.

Thankfully we then got a fourth to give us some breathing space Alfie finally got a goal he deserved as he had several previous chances but the hurricanes keeper was on fire made some great saves today from him and some of the other boys.

That seemed to then helps us start playing football we relaxed and it possibly deflated the hurricanes or possibly they were getting tired but we then produced a great 5th goal.

Some good work from Charlie wining the ball feeding it to Alfie out on the right who then passed it into Bailey who slotted the ball amazingly with the outside of his boot through to Sam who finished it of really well.

A great passing goal if it had been Iniesta,Xavi,Messi & Neymar doing it sky would have shown it over and over lol.

That’s how it finished cyclones 5-2 hurricanes, and tough game and I’m sure hurricanes are not to disappointed because they did well today and gave a great account of themselves.

We showed some great play at times but unfortunately it’s the temperament and possibly over confidence that stopped us playing in the way I’m sure us coaches and parents all know we can play if we have the right performance.

Thank you hurricanes for the game that was played in a good spirit and positivity form all participating and once sorry for our linesmans coaching we will try and have a word with him but you know what he’s like ;-).

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