WW FC Hurricanes 0 6 WW FC Cyclones
22nd november 2014
crawley rd

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum(c),Callun,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik & Sam.

Goals. Alfie,Bailey 2,Charlie,Korban & Sam.

Today was a long distance game for the boys today the whole distance of approximately 20 meters,today’s game was against our fellow W & W fc team the Hurricanes.

The Hurricanes play in division 5 but rest assured we wasn’t gonna think it’s a simple win today.

When we play teams higher in leagues we always play well and show the team we are playing that we may be lower in the leagues but we can match them in all departments,and that’s what we wanted our boys to be aware of.

Today’s pitch wasn’t the greatest a big heavy underfoot I should know having marking the pitch yesterday my arm were killing me after the work out they got pushing the line marker around yesterday.

So the game began and for the first 15-20 minutes the game was very even pitch playing a good leveller lots of misplaced passes we didn’t seem to cope with that and the hurricanes did and certainly gave our boys a good even battle.

Then finally after a few chances we got a goal Sam finally putting the ball into the net after some good quick passing and movement from the boys.

We started to adapt better to the pitch and Alfie who to be honest had hit two efforts amazingly wide and had another stopped by a good save from the hurricanes keeper and who I started to give him some banter about shut me up with a good calm finish after a few scrambles in the hurricanes box.

Half time Hurricanes 0-2 Cyclones.

Team talk was ok today not much to get fixed but all we wanted to do was be professional and just play our game and not get silly and cause ourselves any problems by stepping of the gas.

So the second half started and we settled back into our game.

We got our 3rd goal from Bailey who this year surprisingly hadn’t scored,although he’s done a lot of the other teamwork very well and this goal to be honest was one he couldn’t miss,from the Hurricanes goalkeepers save the ball rolled across the goal and Bailey tapped it over the line from the whole of a yard out but who cares he took it and so he should because he was in the right place to score it.

We then got a third from another player who hadn’t scored for us this year Charlie.

Charlie has his roll and he knows why he plays that position and sometimes doesn’t get the opportunity to get in the box because he holds his position but today we let him go up for corners and with doing this he went and headed the ball in the back of the net and with the mud on the ball looked liked somebody from kiss when he run of celebrating.

After this goal hurricanes started to look a little tired and we looked certainly like we wanted more goals but to be fair they still carried trying and the nightlight was there number 14, malik was starting to do the tricks and flicks against them and was doing it with success and then the number 14 won the the ball of him by back heeling malik through his legs. NUTS We all shouted and malik certainly saw the funny side of it.

We then made a strange change sticking Korban up top he’s had a quite game today but when called upon he was ready.

And we then got a soft penalty personally a bit harsh but we haven’t had much decision like that go are way so we will take it.

I send Callum up to take it but terry said to me let Korban take it and then Callum shouted over to be why doesn’t Korban take it and to be fair I couldn’t say no then good to see from Callum.

So Korban placed the ball on the spot where the ref had told him the spot was and up he stepped full power straight down the centre and luckily for him the keeper had moved as he almost got a foot to it but again Korban wouldn’t care a goals a goal.
We then got a final goal just on the final whistle Bailey who had scored earlier and was looking confident and hit a great strike from the edge of the box.

Final score Hurricanes 0-6 Cyclones.

Today our boys played well and showed again the team togetherness which we love to see developing more and more.

Special mentions today go to John and Alex.

In Morgan’s absence john stepped into centre back and looked like he had played there for years his position play was excellent and with the conditions today his composure was different class he never looked in trouble today once.

Alex again today was composed but today he played in every position across the defence,centre and right midfield, and a short spell up top and he looked good in every position today we got to see he defensive skills he had played there for his old team and we could see that but again he never looked uncomfortable was also like john composed on the ball.
We thank hurricanes for the game today and wish them well for the rest of the year and would like to specially mention the great attitude the boys showed,yes they lost 0-6 and must to be disappointed but everyone of the team still came of the pitch with a smile on there faces and togetherness knowing that they all tried there best which is a credit to them.

Yes I know they are our fellow club side but it’s still good to see and I’m sure lee and the parents of all the hurricane players must be proud of that.

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