WW Lions Hurricanes v Shenley Ospreys

After the Christmas break and bad weather, Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes needed to get back in the swing of things and a home fixture would hopefully help that.

The first five minutes were all Woburn with some early pressing and clever play, Zac could have scored in the first minute but watched his flicked effort miss.

Zac, Josh, Louis and Juan were really starting to settle and were chasing the ball down trying to create something for the team.

7 mins and the ball is lumped forward by the Shenley keeper only to be intercepted by Dom and after beating a player, plays a clever pass to Joe who sets the front line back on their way.

10 mins – GOAL – Zac finishes it from the left hand side after some clever play from Josh, who crosses to Louis, to Juan who sets up Zac with an easy finish.

Alex was working hard to cover a lot of ground and Panashe and Joe were running midfield.

15 mins – GOAL – It’s that Man again. Louis shows great strength to muscle two defenders and puts it past the keeper.

2 – 0 UP.

Lewis now on for Zac shows some great speed as he pushes the ball past one player and then another but just watches his shot go wide. Good work.

26 mins – GOAL – Callum comes off the bench and seconds later puts the ball in the back of the net to make it 3 – 0.

29 mins – GOAL – Louis is through on goal again after showing great strength to beat three defenders and slips the ball past the keeper. 4 – 0 Woburn

We then needed to be extremely tight at the back and the defence of Panashe, Thomas, Dom and Harry were well organized, Thomas was a rock at the back and cleared the ball to Joe who found Lewis and he was away again.

34 mins – GOAL – Lewis raced down the left wing and hit an in-swinging cross which looked like it was going straight in but Louis was on hand to make sure it did and it was 5 – 0 to Woburn and another hatrick for Louis.

HALF-TIME – Woburn 5 v Shenley 0

4 mins in and a clear penalty to Woburn as Callum caused mayhem in the box and the Shenley player hand balled it.

GOAL – Lewis steps up and converts from the spot.

6 – 0

Shenley didn’t give up though and were trying to get something from the game, but Dom, Harry and Thomas were on their game and were just clearing every chance.

Woburn kept the tempo up with Callum, Jude, Ben, Juan, Louis and Joe a constant threat.

30 mins GOAL – Louie through again and makes no mistake, getting his 4th goal to mark his return from injury and making it 7 – 0 Woburn.

31 mins GOAL – Juan frustrated with a miss earlier on, picks up the ball straight from the centre and takes on six players to make it 8 – 0. An amazing solo goal.

Harry drops into CB from LB and Lewis into LB gives Thomas the opportunity to go up front as a striker. Jude is now running riot on the LM and Joe Abbey running centre midfield.

Shenley attack but Alex races over and makes an excellent slide tackle to deny them.

Shenley then manage to get a decent shot away but Cameron is there to tip it over the bar. An amazing save.

39 mins GOAL – Thomas get’s his goal, fantastic flick on near post from a corner makes it 9 – 0 Woburn and a great start to 2016.

A very impressive performance.

Man of the Match : Thomas

WW Lions Hurricanes v Scot Spartans

The Comeback Kids

You could see that Scots were up for this and Woburn started the game off with centre but went backwards towards the defence who were immediately under pressure from the Scots forwards.

The visitors wasted little time in testing out Woburns defence and it looked like a few of the Hurricanes were still waking up.

3 mins – Zac pulls down a scots player in a dangerous position. Scots Free kick taken well but the wind behind it ensured that it sailed past Cameron and left him no chance.

Woburn 0 – 1 Scots

6 mins – Scots tested the keeper again from distance and it was a disappointing shot as Woburn should have done better to close it down.

Woburn 0 – 2 Scots

Scots continued to pile on the pressure whose low drive from the edge of the box appeared to be heading for the corner of the net, but Cameron pulled off a great save to keep Woburn in the game.

Was his the turning point Woburn needed?

10 mins – The home side finally clicked into action and Joe and Ethan started linking up well in midfield with Josh really starting to ask questions of the Scots left back.

Joe gets a great cross in but no one can convert.

Ethan picked up the ball and hit an amazing curling pass splitting the Scots defence, but unfortunately Zac didn’t anticipate the pass and couldn’t finish.

15 mins – Panashe hits a great effort but can’t direct his powerful effort on target.

19 mins – SUB Callum off for Alex.

24 mins – YELLOW – the ref takes a moment from telling everybody they are “foul throwing” and shows Joe the Yellow card.

26 mins CROSSBAR – Woburn were looking a threat every time they went forward and, three minutes later the ball fell to Juan in the box who saw his strike come off the keeper and rattle the crossbar.

27 mins GOAL – Zac pinged a great ball into the path of Juan, who made no mistake in finishing a powerful header.

Woburn 1 – 2 Scot

29 mins CROSSBAR – and Juan again with a fantastic effort but watches his effort saved and onto the Crossbar.

Half Time

3 mins – a dangerous free kick from Scots cleared by the Woburn defence.

5 mins – great save by Cameron to deny Scots again.

6 mins – great work from Alex to stop another Scots attempt attack. 

7 mins – Woburn were now beginning to defend as a unit and Harry was excellent at left back and Dom was consistent in right back breaking attack after attack.

10 mins SUB – Jude on for Josh.

15 mins SUB – Alex off for Ethan

17 mins CROSSBAR – Zac with a sublime and powerful volley rattle the crossbar for the third time today (that would have been some goal).

It was an injury to Woburn striker Louis that was playing a part as Woburn squandered chance after chance and could have been out of sight now.

18 mins – Lewis unlucky as he works some room in the area watches as his effort goes wide.

19 mins – Joe unleashes a powerful strike and the keeper saves.

25 mins SUB – Callum on for Joe (yellow card protection).

28 mins – Harry smashes it just wide.

29 mins SUB – Josh on for Jude.

GOAL – Woburn were rampant, counter-attacking fiercely as their trio of Juan, Josh and Callum constantly switched back and forth to cause all kinds of problems for Scots, and four minutes before the end of the game Callum hit a cross in the box to Zac who finished with a tap in and it was 2-2.

Woburn 2 – 2 Scot

35 mins – Harry again with a great strike but just over.

36 mins YELLOW CARD – Thomas gets his name in the book.

Thomas, consistently strong at the back was linking up well with Panashe who was working extremely hard and covering for the defence superbly.

40 mins – Juan puts it agonisingly wide.

41 mins – Scotts could have nicked the game back in the final minute but some excellent defending from Lewis, Thomas and Dom as the game finishes 2 – 2.


We paid the price for a poor start but the comeback showed we have fighting spirit.

Man of the Match : Panashe

Shenley Panthers v WW Lions Hurricanes

Shenley Panthers started the better out of the two teams and after a clumsy challenge had a free kick on the 2nd minute of the game. They lofted the ball into the area but Dom was on hand to head away.

3 minutes – Lewis slips in the conditions but Panashe races over to clear the danger.

5 mins – Shenley miss a sitter.

6 mins – Shenley are through and hit a great strike but Cameron pulls off a great save to keep The Hurricanes in the game. Dom makes the clearance and Zac picks the ball up in midfield and plays a great ball forward to give Louis his first run at the Shenley defence.

7 mins – Woburn through again as Juan stops the ball from going out and pulls back for Louis, but Louis cant find the back of the net.

8 mins – Woburn are awarded a free kick and Zac steps up and finds the top corner with a curling free kick from 30 yards out.

Shenley Panthers 0 – 1 Woburn Hurricanes

The lead was lost just 2 minutes later when the Woburn defence were caught on a break and outnumbered.

Shenley Panthers 1 – 1 Woburn Hurricanes

13 mins – Josh races down the right flank and gets a great cross in but Juan can’t convert and sees his effort go wide.

14 mins – Shenley are back on the attack but Thomas is strong and gets a great clearance in to stop the attack.

17 mins – Shenley are awarded a free kick but Cameron pulls off another amazing save. Kicks the ball out and Ethan picks it up in midfield but over hits the through ball.

23 mins – It’s Josh again as he beats two players and gets the ball to Louis who is crowded out by the Shenley defence as he tries to get his shot off.

25 mins – PENALTY ! Panashe is adjudged to have brought down a Shenley attacker.

The Shenley player steps up and just as he kicks the ball slips over, the shot is awful but wrong footed the keeper as Cameron begun to dive the opposite way. Awful penalty but crawls over the line to make it Shenley Panthers 2 – 1 Woburn Hurricanes.

26 mins – SUB Alex comes on for Ethan.

28 mins – Zac is through on goal but can’t get the power into his shot and it’s a comfortable save for the keeper.

29 mins – SUB Harry comes on for Lewis

30 mins – Louis races onto Zacs through ball but the keeper puts the ball out for a corner, Josh has a chance to level but skies the ball.

36 mins – A dangerous Shenley attack is stopped as Harry puts the ball out for a throw in.

38 mins – A terrible mix up in defence and Shenley pounce to make it 3 just before the break.

Shenley Panthers 3 – 1 Woburn Hurricanes. 


The boys came in disappointed but it was clear that we had our chances in the first half and just had to be better in midfield and more clinical upfront.

The Woburn boss sent out his side with a clear message to attack and that was evident in the first minute with Joe and Alex dominating midfield we were through on goal from the kick off and earned a corner.

2 mins – Juan hits a great corner and the Shenley defence put the ball out for another corner.

Zac took the corner but uncharacteristicly hit it across the floor, we tried to get it under control but the Shenley defence put it back out.

Zac took the corner again and it was great, straight into the area and Thomas (Big T) gets his head on it and powers it past the keeper.

Shenley Panthers 3 – 2 Woburn Hurricanes.

4 mins – Woburn now setting a brisk tempo are really starting the second half well and Josh beats 2 players to get through on goal and gets his shot away, the Shenley keeper fumbles the shot but Woburn can’t take advantage.

8 mins – Louis is through on goal with a great bit of play but blazes his shot over the bar.

12 Mins – SUB Jude on for Zac

16 Mins – Shenley play a long ball and pick it up well but Harry who has settled very well is on hand to calmly clear the ball.

GREAT TACKLE. Midfield is now starting to become a real battle and Joe slides in to clear the ball.

21 Mins – Great save from Cameron.

25 Mins – SUB Callum on for Louis.

Callum presses well and wins the ball over on the left and wrong foots the defender to get in a great cross but Jude can’t convert it.

28 mins – Callum up well on a corner but his header goes just wide.

31 mins – FREE KICK – Shenley are awarded a free kick and to be honest I still don’t know why now. But they step up and convert making it Shenley Panthers 4 – 2 Woburn Hurricanes.

32 mins – PENALTY !! Woburn take the centre kick and Joe Abbey hits a great ball forward and Callum races onto it but once through on goal is brought down, he really has played well since coming on (It must be the new boots).

Alex steps up and calmly drives it into the bottom corner.

Shenley Panthers 4 – 3 Woburn Hurricanes.

SUB – Ethan on for Josh

36 mins – SUB Louis now on for Alex as we go for it up top with three strikers.

37 mins – Harry takes a great free kick and drops the ball into the Shenley box but Shenley clear.

Its all Woburn when a long Shenley clearance bounces over Thomas and Panashe and leaves Cameron with a one on one with Shenley Panthers No. 10 who finds the back of the net to make it Shenley Panthers 5 – 3 Woburn Hurricanes.

39 mins – Louis is put through and one on one with the keeper nearly makes it 4 but the keeper pulls off a fantastic save.

FULL TIME – Shenley Panthers 5 – 3 Woburn Hurricanes.

A disappointing result but a great performance from the boys who on another day could have had 5 or 6 goals, Shenley were in a match from start to finish and both Manager and Coach could not ask for more.

Man of the Match – Joe and Harry – Two outstanding performances.

WW Lions Hurricanes v Flitwick Eagles


The game started off at a very high tempo and although Flitwick took the centre, Juan and Louis pressed immediately and won the ball back in just 9 seconds and Woburn continued to see the best of the ball, but were struggling to break down a very tough and organised Flitwick defence.

4 mins – Zac tests keeper.

5 mins – Zac, Josh, Louis, Juan and Ethan are all lining up for a shot and its scrambled behind for a corner. A great corner and the resulting shot goes narrowingly wide.

11 mins – Ethan gives away a free kick after  a foul.

13 mins – A great price of defending from the Flitwick CB to stop Juan going through on goal. The resulting corner from Zac looks dangerous but again the Flitwick defence hold up and put the ball out for another corner.

Juan tries to curl this one in from the corner but can’t convert and Flitwick clear the danger when Cameron comes racing out of goal to make a clearance but the ball falls to the Flitwick player who tries to take advantage of the empty goal but can’t convert.

15 mins – Free kick to Woburn – Zac to take but hits it high and wide. Not pretty.

16 mins – The Flitwick defence opens up and gives Zac sight of goal and hits a great long shot.

Flitwick break quickly on the Woburn defence but Thomas and the reliable Dom are both on hand to diffuse the situation.

18 mins – Joe intercepts a stray pass and plays the ball to Josh who races down the wing and gets in a great cross – only to find that none of the Woburn strikers are in the box.

19 mins – GOAL !!! Juan scores with a tap in after the Flitwick keeper deflects Josh’s effort. Woburn 1 – 0 Flitwick.

21 mins – GOAL !!! Great determination from Loius Smith as he holds off two defenders to finish calmly and make it 2 – 0 to Woburn.

Flitwick take the centre and concede a free kick seconds later. Thomas steps up and hits the free kick perfectly and straight into the path of Juan down the left and scores a lovely goal with a nutmeg through the keepers legs. Woburn 3 – 0

24 mins – SUB Harry on for Lewis at left back.

26 mins – Great vision from Zac finds Louis who send his effort over. Should have done better.

30 mins – GOAL !!!! Louis again with his second of the game and after a fantastic assist from Joe, Louis runs through showing great strength and determination to finish.

Woburn 4 – 0

31 mins – SUB – Joe off for Alex.

Free kick – Flitwick win a free kick but can’t convert and curls effort wide.

33 mins – GOAL !!! – HAT-TRICK – Louis Smith. It’s that man again and another cool finish making it 5 – 0 to Woburn.

34 mins – GOAL – own Goal as Josh fizzed in a cross looking for Juan it’s turned into their own net by the Flitwick defence.

HALF TIME – The referee blows the whistle and calls half time and that was a great finish to the first half.

1 min into the second half and Louis Smith is at it again and forces the keeper into a nice save.

The resulting corner is delivered by Ethan but scrambled clear, the ball falls back to Ethan who crosses back in but the danger is cleared.

3 mins – GOAL !!! Zac gets his goal as he scrambles the ball over the line. He has played well today and you have to say deserved his goal today. 7 – 0 to Woburn.

5 mins – Alex continues his great form and is strong in midfield to stop a Flitwick break.

SUB – Ethan off for Callum

7 mins – Lovely knock from Callum to release Josh who can’t quite get his cross in.

Flitwick attack down the left hand side but Thomas runs over, with a great clearing header, to put the ball out for a throw.

A bad mix up in defence by Woburn lets Flitwick through on goal and its 7 – 1. The clean sheet has gone.

Panashe is trying to organise the midfield and make sure that doesn’t happen again.

12 mins – Keeper off his line and Zac tries a 40 yard – unlucky.

17 mins – Callum tries his luck from distance but the keeper manages to make a great save from a great shot.

23 mins – The Flitwick keeper races out of his goal and doesn’t clear the ball very well but tries to make up for it, injuring himself in the process.

Break in Play

Lewis unlucky as the “wind” takes his effort wide.

GOAL – Louis Smith then bags his 4th goal of the game with another delightful finish. He is really starting to look the striker.

Woburn 8 – 1 Flitwick

Cameron pulls off a great save to deny another Flitwick goal.

Louis comes off to a round of applause for Juan (who was begging to come back on).

68 min – GOAL !!! Josh picks up a cross and finishes well to make it 9 – 1

70 mins – GOAL – Alex then had the ball in the back of the net after a very clinical strike but the referee blew the Full Time whistle just before the strike so the goal was unfairly disallowed.



Man of the Match – Louis Smith

Scot Spartans v WW Lions Hurricanes



Both Scot Spartans and Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes were coming into this match unbeaten with Scot’s top of the league and Lions in second place (with a game in hand).

The feeling was in the air that only one of these sides would leave with that record intact.

Before the game both teams held a minutes silence to pay respect to those who have given their lives for their country.

Both teams seemed nervous in the first five minutes with no one really stamping authority on the game, Scot’s clearly had a game plan and were defending well and getting back in numbers.

With his first start of the season Alex Carroll in the midfield was really starting to settle and was chasing the ball down trying to create something for the team. Harry who had started the game in the CAM role was winning every ariel battle and Alex and Panashe were clearing up behind him.

It was on six minutes when Lewis picked up the ball and after an injection of pace played a great pass to find Josh but Josh watched his shot go agonisingly over. The game was very much a midfield battle and Alex was putting in a great shift and stopped a Scots attack with a fantastic sliding tackle.

SUB: 16 Minutes Josh came off and was replaced by Jude who took over left midfield whilst Zac moved to right midfield. Jude had listened to his instructions and started chasing the ball down and joining the attacks in the box.

SUB: 26 minutes and Callum came on for Louis Smith who had a very quiet first half and didn’t quite look himself out there.

SUB: 29 minutes and Josh came back on for Zac who was having a frustrating day and shooting from distance.

Callum was working extremely hard and in the 29 minute found himself in some great space and after delivering a great cross the Scots keeper fumbled the ball for Juan to react first and score but only to see his goal DISSALOWED as the ref judged that the keeper had it in both hands.

Woburn was awarded a free kick and Thomas hit a powerful free kick but unfortunately straight at the keeper who managed to tip over, if it had gone either side of the keeper, you felt it would have been a goal.

SUB: 34 minutes and Alex comes off for Joe Abbey. Alex had been brilliant in this half but it was clear that he had picked up a knock and came off for some much needed treatment.

Scots had played very well up to now and were keeping very disciplined and were counter attacking when Panashe was adjudged to bring down the attacker and a penalty was awarded.

PENALTY – 38 minutes into the first half and the Scots striker stepped up and hit the ball hard into the bottom corner to drag Scots back into contention, a great penalty but Cameron guessed right and was very close to saving it.

Scots 1 – 0 Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes

Scots were now sensing that we were on the ropes and attacked again down the right side but Dom was straight over to clear the danger away.


The boys came in 1 – 0 down and needed to pick up their game, the grass was long and we had reverted to a long ball game – we needed to speed up our passing and make sure we were first to everything.

The Second Half started and Scots started very brightly, it was clear that they felt another goal was needed but Thomas, Panashe, Lewis, Dom and Joe were now very well organized and after an amazing slide tackle from Dom the ball was back in our control but still no supply to Callum and Juan up top.

SUB: 45 minutes and Ethan Mortimer comes on for Harry, Harry had been outstanding but needed a rest.

Straight away Ethan was involved in a great little team move and after some clever play from Callum and Juan we had won a corner.

GOAL – Juan whips in a great corner and skims Ethan’s head as Thomas and Callum pile on the pressure a Scot’s player turns it into his own net.

Scotts 1 – 1 Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes

THOMAS SEES RED – Immediately after the goal the referee has no choice but to send Thomas off for what looked like handbags at dawn.

SUB: Callum makes way for Harry, as he has to come into CB to cover for Thomas, a shame for Callum, as he had been superb today.

Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes now down to ten men really had to pick up the tempo and burst into life and looked the more threatening in the second half. It was on 54 minutes when Ethan won the ball in midfield and switched the ball to Zac on the right (now on for Josh) who whipped in a ferocious cross, which was put away by Juan.

Scotts 1 – 2 Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes

The 10 man side were now winning and really battling to keep their lead, Dom was fantastic on the right, winning tackle after tackle and Lewis was extremely lively down the right side but it was Cameron who pulled off two fantastic saves to keep the team in the game.

The game was starting to open up and after some great pressure in midfield from Zac, Joe and Ethan we were peppering the Scots keeper who produced a great save to deny Louis.

On the 74th minute Juan picked up the ball in midfield and played a fantastic through ball cutting the Scots back four in half, Louis raced onto the ball but missed.

A minute later and Ethan hits a great forward pass putting Louis in again but unfortunately blasts it over. You started to feel this wasn’t going to be Louis day but on the 77th minute Louis beats the defence and hits a great shot across the keeper and into the bottom corner to make it 3 – 0.

Scotts 1 – 3 Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes

Joe Abbey who had been fantastic in the second half made a crunching tackle to win the ball and could have hit a 25 yard strike but instead put Zac through on goal with a sublime pass but Zac watched his shot go wide.

The boys continue to press in midfield and the referee blows the final whistle as the away support cheer the win which see’s Woburn go joint top of the league and a 100% league record to the season maintained.

Man of the Match: Dom

Woburn Hurricanes v Moretonville Rangers

Woburn Hurricanes v Moretonville Rangers


Woburns first game at home wasn’t going to be as straight forward as first hoped when the call came informing us that our goalkeeper was unwell but our right back Dom stepped in and did an amazing job.

Woburn threatened in just the first minute as Zachary Middlemiss’ powerful shot nearly tricked the keeper and was deflected behind for an early corner.

The corner was poor and deflected behind for another corner, another poor corner came in but an in form Louis Smith brought the ball down well and hit the side netting.

You had the feeling that the first goal wasn’t far away and on the 4th minute after some great play, Zachary was able to put the ball in the back of the net making it 1-0 to Woburn.

On the 8th minute Callum played a great ball splitting the Moretonville defence in half but unfortunately Josh couldn’t capitalise. The pressure was now relentless with Woburn pressing very high up the pitch and Joe Abbey was outstanding in midfield breaking down play.

On the 9th minute Joe found himself in space and unleashed a great shot from over 25 yards out but watched his shot fly narrowly over. It was all Woburn, with Thomas commanding the defence and Panashe really supporting the defence, giving Joe the licence to push forward.

14 minutes in and an amazing solo goal by Louis Smith when he raced through on goal leaving the opposing players stranded. The in form striker composed himself before passing the ball past the keeper and into the back of the net. – GREAT GOAL and 2 – 0 to Woburn.

Woburn were cruising towards half-time and Moretonville Rangers had to wait until 20 minutes into the first half for their first attack which resulted in a corner. Thomas, Harry and Lewis were able to deal with the in-swinging corner but it was a reminder not to get too complacent.

Just before half time Moretonville were attacking well down the left hand side but the player delayed his cross too long, giving Lewis time to get back and produce a brilliant tackle.

HALF TIME – Woburn 2 – 0 Moretonville Rangers

We needed half time as we had to address our first half performance, although exciting in parts we were moving the ball slowly and not pressing well enough.

Coach Dan Mortimer asked Juan where his shooting boots were….13 seconds into the second half Juan answered him with a great strike. 3 – 0 to Woburn.

Jude was now starting to settle down on the left hand side and a great burst of pace saw him beat two players as he whipped a great cross to Louis who passed it into the path of Alex. OVER – Alex skies it.

50 minutes – RED CARD!! Things go from bad to worse for Moretonville Rangers as Louie’s shot beats the keeper but the defender stops the ball on the line with a blatant handball giving the Referee no option but to send him off.

Penalty to Woburn – Alex steps up and great penalty!! 4 – 0 to Woburn.

Moretonville Rangers keeper was urging his players to get forward but with Jude a constant threat down the left and Ethan, Joe and Panashe now running midfield that was easier said than done.

A fifth goal soon followed and it was far more typical of Woburn, Ethan exchanging passes neatly with Joe and then Juan finished off superbly at the back post, taking a touch before drilling the ball emphatically into the far corner.

Woburn 5 – 0!!!

Moretonville Rangers took centre and within 10 seconds the ball was back with Woburn and Louis Smith found himself 15 yards out but after some heavy man marking he was sat down – he still managed to score even though he was sat down – Woburn 6 – 0!!!

Alex now playing in a central defensive role hit a great strike from 30 yards out narrowingly going over the bar – great strike by Alex who was having an amazing game.

Twenty minutes into the second half and Ethan has a speculative shot from 25 yards out but the keeper makes a very good save.

62 minutes and Louis Smith completed his hat-trick by neatly finishing into the bottom hand corner of the goal making it 7 – 0 to Woburn.

Louis then came off for a well-deserved rest and Callum joined Juan in attack. Moretonville Rangers got through on goal but Dom saved well and Woburn were back on the attack – Thomas hit a 45 yard effort as he spotted the keeper off his line but watched his shot go wide.

65 Minutes and the Moretonville keeper took the goal kick but the ball went straight to Ethan who chested down and with the outside of his foot curled the ball over the defence and into the path of Juan who finished with a great strike and celebrated his own hat-trick. 8 – 0 to Woburn.

Woburn continued to pepper the visiting goal with effort after effort and should have added another after Callum delivered a great cross into the area but no one was there to finish it.

Harry and Lewis were now pressing further up the pitch and Thomas and Panashe were outstanding at the back.

Joe Abbey came on in RM and Panashe came off for a well deserved rest, with Thomas going into a CDM role and Harry moving from right back to CB and Josh filling in at right back.

76 minutes and Juan came off for Louis who was back in attack with Callum, it didn’t take him too long and he chased down what looked like a lost cause to stop the ball going out and after beating a defender pulled the ball back for Zach who made no mistake in making it 9 – 0.

77 minutes and things were starting to get complacent again and after a defensive error, Moretonville Rangers got through on goal and this time managed to beat Dom making it 9 – 1.

Disappointing not to keep a clean sheet.

Full Time – Woburn Hurricanes 9 v 1 Moretonville Rangers

Woburn were quiet in the first half by their own standards. Their passing was sloppy and the concentration from the players was not there in the last 20 minutes of the first half. But after a half time talk the boys didn’t disappoint and the passing was crisp, sublime movement and creating chance after chance saw a second half performance and two hat-tricks as the boys hit their usual swagger.

Really proud of the boys today and although I would have liked a clean sheet very happy with the performance – Michael Middlemiss


Man of the Match: Panashe


Shenley Ospreys v Woburn Hurricanes


Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes went out today full of confidence and although they had missed some very early chances in the first five minutes they were starting to settle.

On 8 Minutes Ethan Mortimer whipped in a great cross, only to see the Shenley defence clear it away but he ran into the CAM position and headed the ball back into the danger area but after another miss-hit, you started to wonder where the goals were going to come from.

The breakthrough came and 14 minutes in Zachary Middlemiss reacted after some pressure paid off and slammed in the opening goal…it was a scrappy goal but was much needed and credit to Zach for reacting very quickly and making no mistake.

Woburn were full of momentum and doubled their lead less than two minutes later when Louis Smith powered Juan Perez’s pinpoint pass past the Shenley keeper to make it 0-2.

Josh, who was starting his first game for Woburn, came off for a well deserved rest and Jude took his place.

It was all Woburn now and the team was in full control, Joe Abbey was dominating mid-field and Panashe, Thomas, Dom and Lewis were all supporting the forward players and giving them the confidence to push forward.

On 27 minutes Juan, after some great link up play with Ethan and Louis, found himself in the box and blasted the ball into the bottom corner giving the Shenley keeper no chance at all.

28 minutes: Alex Carroll came on for Ethan.

On 31 minutes, Zac and Juan were through on goal and Zac finished comfortably but was ruled offside – a poor decision as Zac was over two yards onside.

On 32 minutes a long ball fell to Shenley and after a great finish they had pulled one back and the Woburn defence should have closed the striker down.

Joe Abbey was subbed for a rest and Harry came on for his first game and from 20 yards out nearly scored with his first touch but it was unfortunate to see his shot deflect off a player’s back.

Callum was now on the pitch for Louis but Shenley were starting to believe and on 37 minutes and after a mix up in the Woburn defence, Shenley scored another making it 2 – 3.

Shenley had their tails up and Cameron was forced into another brilliant save to tip a fierce drive, before getting down to hold a low effort.

Half Time – Shenley 2 v 3 Woburn

Half Time couldn’t have come quick enough and we had to regroup. Alex was replaced with Ethan Mortimer in CAM and we reminded the boys to stay focused and keep their heads.

Woburn increased the tempo as they looked to build their advantage, and their fourth goal came four minutes after kick off with great placement from Ethan Mortimer and after the referee had spoken to the linesman (who incorrectly called offside) the goal was given.

2 v 4 WOBURN!!!

47 minutes in and Shenley earn a corner, they whip it in but big T (Thomas Akinola) heads it away.

53 minutes and the move of the game happens – Joe Abbey, Lewis and Ethan out numbered and boxed in play the ball out of a very tight space with some exquisite passing to find Callum who heads it down into the path of Josh running in to finish.

2 v 5 WOBURN!!!

Joe Abbey and Panashe were now running things in CDM and the team started to have it’s shape back. Callum was working hard and Dom was reading the game very well.

4 minutes later and Juan raced into the box and finished with a great LEFT footer.

2 v 6 WOBURN!!!

Cameron then had to race out to clear a Shenley attack and again was solid the whole game.

Josh was looking like he had been in the team for years and was threatening down the right and it was Woburn’s turn to attack again, and Louis showed great strength to avoid one tackle and then keep his feet as another one came in – a cool and clinical finish and Louis gave the keeper no chance as his shot came off the post and in.

2 v 7 WOBURN

Shenley were more of a threat, but the damage had been done during that second half blitz. The three new players in Josh, Jude and Harry had settled well and will be great additions for the season.

MOTM – Josh : A great first performance and showed great speed and determination down the right and was rewarded with his first goal for the club.


Woburn and Wavendon Lions Hurricanes start the season with a comfortable victory over Shenley Ospreys.

Zachary Middlemiss opened the scoring after just 8 minutes when he headed home Juan Perez’s inviting curling cross.

The Hurricanes then needed to be extremely tight at the back as Shenley came forward after 14 minutes of Woburn domination but fortunately the defence of Panashe, Thomas, Dom and Lewis were well organised and communicating well. Louis Smith who had looked very dangerous then added the second when he headed home from a well-taken corner.

Callum Read then came off for a deserved rest and the introduction of Alex Carroll nearly paid off immediately with a low shot on goal. Ethan Mortimer was becoming a constant menace on the right wing for The Hurricanes and the tempo from the whole team was extremely high.

Going into the second half 0-2 up we knew we would be pressed quickly and needed to do more of the same, 1 minute into the second half Ethan who was now playing as CAM played a 25 yard pass to Juan who held up well and played in Louis, after a cool finish it was now 0-3.

Woburn kept the tempo up with Callum, Zach, Alex and Joe Abbey creating opportunity after opportunity for the strikers.

Corner to The Hurricanes and Thomas Akinola gets up well to head home on 51 minutes after a well-taken corner. Juan was without a goal and soon put that right with an absolute beautiful strike from 30 yards out (0-5 to Woburn). We wanted a clean sheet today and the boys were doing everything to keep it that way with Panashe and Thomas breaking up a few Shenley attacks.

Joe Abbey was now running centre midfield and a shell-shocked Shenley had no way of stopping him.

After some great build up play we earned yet another corner and Thomas was soon celebrating his second goal of the game (0-6). WW Lions Hurricanes mounted attack after attack and were looking to add to the tally with both Lewis and Dom now pushing forward.

After a very good Shenley attack, Woburn conceded a free kick just outside of the area and Shenley hit a very good free kick low and hard, which Thomas cleared off the line. Cameron then threw himself on the ball as all the boots started flying – very brave goal keeping. Cameron was solid the whole game.

Back up the other end and with just two minutes to go, Zach hit a volley from a tight angle that gave the goal keeper no chance – SEVEN!!!

A very impressive performance.

Man of the Match : (Joint) Callum Read and Ethan Mortimer