Deanshanger Colts

The weather was perfect for a game of football and hopes were high. Unfortunately the pitch wasn’t great with a slope, long grass and molehills to contend with. We started slowly against a quick and strong Deanshanger side who attacked from the start. The dependable Oli worked hard to win the ball back and was assisted by Caden. We got better as the game progressed and created more chances. Fin delivered some great corners and Caden hit a stunning free-kick that shook the post. We must try to use the wings more often as the middle of the pitch is crowded. I was really pleased with the work rate of every player. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make mistakes and encourage your team mates.

Well done to Caden who was our ‘Player of the match’. He was superb in all areas and his work rate was tremendous. When he is not on the pitch we aren’t quite the same team. Well done, Caden.

Stoke Hammond Knights

‘Proud’ is the best way to describe how I felt about our performance. We played some really clever stuff and the progress we have made this season is amazing. We started extremely well and were enjoying every minute. Players were taking up good positions and we weren’t leaving ourselves open at the back. A little less dribbling and a bit more passing would help, but this will develop with experience.

There were goals from Caden, Joseph, Oscar and Tom. That’s amazing.
Our ‘Player of the match’ was Oli who hassled, tackled, hassled and tackled. 100% effort personified. Well done Oli.

A huge ‘Thank You’ to all of the players and parents who have made the season such a pleasure. I hope you have enjoyed yourselves and feel proud of your progress and achievements.

Newton Leys Panthers

A much better start on a much better pitch saw us create several chances but not get past the keeper. Unfortunately this was the story of the game – but at least we are creating more. Well done. There was a really good team spirit and some great work in all areas. Clever passing and good closing down limited the opportunities for Newton Leys who had one player who did all the damage.

Fin made some amazing passes and is becoming one of our cleverest players. Caden was everywhere and scored some quality goals. Oli did an extended session in goal, made some fine stops and hassled them on the pitch. Tom made a few superb runs with the ball and deserved to score more. Luke took up some good positions and worked hard for the team – shame about the footwear malfunction!

You should all be really proud of what you achieved today.

Our ‘Player of the match’ was Joseph who tackled like he’s never tackled before and rounded his performance off with a lovely strike. Well done, Joseph.

Winslow Utd Pumas

A lovely morning and perfect conditions for football. We had a full squad of players and expectations were high. Winslow were a good side and attacked from the start. Unfortunately we were a few goals behind before we really got going. Fin played some very clever passes and Oli made some great blocks and tackles. The big highlight of the match was Joseph’s excellent goal in the top corner. As a team we we’re often caught in possession and out of position – this was exploited by Winslow. Effort levels remained high and you should all be proud that you worked hard until the final whistle.

Well done to Oli who was our ‘Player of the match’. He was a superb example of how to close down the opposition and win the ball back. Well done, Oli.

Toddington Rovers Dragons

A lovely morning greeted us at Toddington but the now familiar slow start saw us go behind very early on. With just the 5 players we steadied the ship and actually drew the remaining three quarters. There was some excellent play and the timing of passes has improved hugely. Caden was everywhere, Joseph and Fin made the scoresheet and some of the tackling was brave. Luke’s tracking back was really clever and helped the team so much. Oli made some great last ditch tackles. Something to think about – we need to close opposition players down quicker to deny them time and space and WE CAN’T ALL PLAY UP FRONT AT THE SAME TIME.

The heat and lack of subs began to take its toll towards the end but the effort was immense. Everyone should be proud of their efforts.

Well done to Joseph who was our ‘Player of the match’. He scored a couple of goals and passed the ball well when he needed to. Great stuff, Joseph.

Stony Stratford Leopards

An energetic start to our match and some very good combination play saw us take a clear lead early on. It’s lovely to see players passing to others in better positions.

There were some amazing strikes from Caden, Oscar and Tom. Everyone had a go at scoring but the best thing is we created lots of chances by moving the ball out wide and crossing the ball. Training is paying off!

Luke earned us our first penalty of the season and only just missed the target. I’m sure his first goal will come soon. Keep trying Luke.

The final 10 minutes saw the most amazing turnaround. We started to lose our shape and it seemed that no one wanted the ball. What should have been a comfortable finish turned into a nail biting finale. The good work in the previous 30 minutes help us hold on. Phew.

Something to think about – hassle teams to win the ball back, play in your positions all the time and never stop playing until the final whistle.

Well done to Tom who was our ‘Player of the Match’. He scored some quality goals, dribbled really well and passed to others when needed. Great game, Tom.

Olney Town Jets

Finally the weather was good enough for a game. We started brightly and created lots of chances. Passing was really clever and there was even some first time passing. That was great to see.
Work rate was really high and everyone worked hard to get the ball back when the opponents had it.

It was also nice to see four different people score goals – a real team performance. It was a high scoring game that could have gone either way.

Something to think about – close players down as quickly as possible to deny them time and space.

Well done to Caden who was our ‘Player of the Match’. He worked so hard, made great passes and tackles then topped it all with a great long distance goal. Well played, Caden.