Woburn Lionesses (Claret) U13 FC

I normally leave it awhile to write the report so I have time to think of how to say what I need to say. But I don’t think this performance requires me to think.

You were pretty awesome. The effort, put in, and the quality of football was outstanding. 2nd in the league. We only lost 2-0 to SECOND in the league! This is a good result for most teams when they play clarets.  We had chances up front as well.

SO please. Don’t get disheartened. I know some of you felt bad before Christmas because of our big loss. So did I. But this is a breakthrough for our team. As summed up by Bethan. “Now that we have done this, I feel like we can do anything.”

As we won’t to go home nice and early today, we didn’t manage to do managers or parents’ player of the match. Although, literally all of you had great games. Not many times I get to say that.

Parents’ player was: Bethan… Very well played.

Managers’ player was: Emily… She made many many saves.

Thanks for the support parents.

Let’s keep the momentum up.

And maybe. Next game will be our game.



AFC Dunstable Ladies U13 FC

There’s not much for me to say really. I think the parents summed that performance after the game. The best you have played all season. Very well done. It feels like I’m saying this every week but Jess makes every tackle she possibly can and she’s so much smaller than some of the girls. I could go through everybody. I think we worked well in keeping the tall girl at bay. Giving her minimal chances. This is one of the few games where I can honestly say that we had more possession and actually looked like the better 😉

4-0 isn’t a fair representation of our performance. Let’s do the same next week and we may just get a result.

Thanks all

Max Ryan

AFC Dunstable Ladies U13 FC

WE SCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A very well done to Kodi for scoring our first goal of the season. For all the parents reading please tell your daughter that now they can score as many as they like. Thought I ought to mention that.

Not just Kodi, everyone put the performance out there we needed. Molly, you were much better in midfield and I even saw you smile once when we scored. Our strengths were with our formation. Everybody stuck to where they needed to be and used the space they had. Jess and Ella were the cleverest at this as they were out on the wings. Yet again I am complimenting the defence but especially Bethan. I seem to think this every week but when I see you play I am like “Wow”. How… Joined the club this season and has earned her role at Left back, well earned. Well played. One last mention although I could go through all of you, is Emily. Although a few placed kicks weren’t up to her usual, the penalty save then the rebound from the penalty more than made up for it.

One area of our play that impresses me was the off sides. The defence have really got the hang of holding a line, looking to see if anyone’s behind. Clever play.

Yet again I thank the parents for their support and that even though it was an awful day, weather wise, thanks for the help with nets.

Thanks Max

AFC Kempston Girls & Ladies U13 FC

Best team in the league.


I’m glad as a squad we took the positives of the match. I’m not sure if anybody noticed but every 30 seconds, literally, they made a sub. Of course we had one sub but nothing compared to their twenty. I made some subs and they worked out well for the start but I do admit to one big mistake. Lucy had stayed solid at centre back and many of their attackers couldn’t get past her. She had worked her socks off (the whole team did) and I felt she needed a rest urgently. I put Jess in a position she wasn’t used to but as usual she took it in good heart and tried her hardest. But she didn’t stand much of a chance and with the rest of the defence tired we conceded a lot. It was 3-0 until I subbed Lucy.


One for the future:

We didn’t have many attacking moments but one of them we had was with Kodi whose shot skimmed past the post. If she takes more shots like that every week we will start getting some goals.


Another thanks for the girl’s commitment to our team. We are sure to start scoring. Things will get better.


Last but not least. The parents lived up to their last form and helped with supporting the girls and giving them tips. Sometimes James and I can’t see what somebody is doing and a helping hand is always good.


Thanks Max