East Region Futsal Finals Winners

Squad: Leanne, Alice, Micky, Millie, Molly, Carrie, Georgie

Goals from: Carrie x 3, Molly x 1, Georgie x 1


Lionesses  v  Sandon School Essex     2 – 1  win

Lionesses  v Watford Ladies                 1 – 1  draw

Sandon School Essex v Lionesses        0 – 1 win

Watford Ladies v Lionesses                   0 – 1 win

Fantastic performance today with all 7 players working so hard as a team, to achieve 10 out of a possible 12 points.

Pat and Steve



Lionesses v Garston

Squad: Charlie, Leanne, Chloe A, Michaela, Millie, Grace, Zoe, Carrie, Molly, Rosie, Emily, Georgie, Jemma, Madison, Lauren, Chloe R, Alice

Attendance: 114

Goals from: Rosie x 1, Molly x 1, Georgie x 1, Millie x 1

Who would have believed that 8/9 months ago, I would be sat writing this report in the circumstances we have. Yes it may have been believable to reach or, even win a cup final, but to be sat in May having lost only one game all of the competitive season, winning a County a cup and winners and runners up in the Futsal, before the League Cup Final. It still feels like a dream, but everything else suggests its reality for a group of girls, lest not forgot where over half are U15’s with 4 or 5 of the girls still being aged 14. Performance had dipped over the last few weeks, but those of us who saw training on Wednesday did begin to wonder had it recovered. Huge thanks to our Ladies team who turned out in force to help, as set plays were practiced and shooting accuracy tuned in the smaller goals.

On a proper sunny cup final day, once again a visit to AFC Kempston and we were off. Garston’s plan was to attack from the off as Millie made the first vital interception. For 17 minutes all the Lionesses had to show in attack was long range efforts from Molly and Carrie, whereas in defence, Millie and Chloe A had made 3 clearances, with goal keeper Charlie out of her line once to pull off an absolute wonder save, diving to her left on 14 minutes. Michaela then Zoe were busy paying close attention to the Garston centre forward, whilst Grace could act as cover from the left. The Lionesses then looked the more lively, with Georgie being caught just. A minute later though as Carrie and Molly pressed forwards, Carrie’s cross into the box was just to high for the keeper to reach and there was Rosie to meet the ball and it was 1-0 the Lionesses. On 24 minutes Grace was set free from left back to play a diagonal ball to Molly, whose volleyed effort gave the keeper no chance. One of the goals of the season. 2-0 . Lionesses then decided that the goal frame needed some “attention” as Madison hit the post and a screamer from Molly and Rosie found the crossbar. The girls had also realised that balls over the defence held up on the slope for Emily who battled away down the wing.

HT 2 – 0

Woburn took the chance of using the changing rooms for relief from the sun and on their return looked the sharper as within 6 minutes Rosie had hit a shot across the face of the goal and a one on one with the keeper was saved. The Lionesses other weapon was to use the bench too good effect, as Chloe R, Lauren and Jemma were able to rotate round. Initially my report said that on 49 minutes and 66 minutes Millie scored 2 great headed goals. However extensive review from the video footage, I believe may see Georgie credited with one goal from inches out. It matters not. Garston were on the ropes now and t Lionesses never looked in any more danger.

FT 4 – 0

A fantastic end to a brilliant season, as the girls also collected the league trophy on the day. League and League cup winners, County Cup winners and Winners in the County Futsal tournament. The most successful season for a Lionesses team in history. No absolute rest – training Wednesdays all through the summer but some weekends off to relax, revise or play cricket.

Well played to our impressive squad!

Pat and Steve

Flitwick Eagles v Lionesses

Squad: Leanne, Charlie, Micky, Grace, Chloe A, Zoe, Lauren, Carrie, Emily, Alice, Madison, Molly, Millie, Rosie, Georgie, Chloe R

Goals from: Rosie x 1, Millie x 2, Madison x 3, Molly x 1, Georgie  1, Chloe R x 1

Now cast your mind back nearly 2 years, Wed 8th May midweek game to win the league. A team that included Leanne, Chloe A, Grace, Jemma, Michaela, Millie, Carrie, Emily and Rosie raced to a 3-0 lead against Moretonville and hung on 3-2 to win the league. Quick goals without conceding would be nice to get over Saturday. For 24 minutes Woburn peppered the Flitwick goal, the ball never reaching Leanne. In fact Neil, our regular assistant referee, barely moved from the half way line as Rosie, Molly and Carrie attempted to get the break through. Then it came – assisted by Georgie, Rosie cut in from the left and fired a diagonal shot. 0-1 Woburn showed in the next 6 minutes, how this position was reached – Molly’s excellent corner converted by Millie, with super-sub Madison adding a third before Molly, with a quite ridiculously long shot, made it 0-4. The crowd sensed the third bit of silverware this season was heading Woburn’s way.

HT 0-4

Madison wasted no time with a fifth Woburn goal on 41 minutes. 3 minutes later Leanne got her second and probably last touch of the ball on the night, with a fine save from a good free-kick. Grace getting in on the act unlucky not to score before Millie did make it 6. A goalmouth melee almost produced a seventh on 58 minutes, but we did not have to wait long as Madison made it 7 for her own hat-trick and the 7th Lionesses player to get to double figures for the season. On 71 minutes, Alice’s forward ball was neatly collected on the toe of Georgie to make it 0-8. Chloe R capped the night with a 9th. Zoe provided an excellent link, Emily seemed faster than ever down the wing and when Lauren joined in, some of the passing looked like a pre-planned training exercise, sublime. League title won, now for the final league game and then another cup final.

FT 0-9

Well played to all the girls.

Pat and Steve

Kempston v Lionesses

Second semi-final reached! 

Squad: Leanne, Charlie, Grace, Carrie, Emily, Lauren, Micky, Millie, Chloe R, Chloe A, Zoe, Molly, Alice, Rosie,

Goals from: Lauren x 1, Molly x 1, Rosie x 1

POM: Carrie and Zoe

Attendance: 43

This was a game that, from start to finish was spoilt for both teams with a surface that had a bounce that was so erratic 1 ball would come to ankle height the next chest height – some even span backwards. Ironic it is that a 3G astro, although having watched in excess of 2000 games of football, this was one of the worst surfaces I have seen.

Never the less the 2 teams did their best and after 2 minutes Kempston had the first chance shooting wide. 10 minutes of sustained pressure saw Rosie have 3 chances and Carrie 1. On 13 minutes when Rosie hit the crossbar, it had the feeling of one of those days but there was Lauren 8 yards out to lob the keeper, with pin point accuracy.  0 – 1.

Alas only a minute later, with an unusual moment of indecision in the centre of defence, it was 1-1. Woburn though have learned to fight well and when on 17 minutes they were awarded a free kick 30 yards out you wondered. Carrie elected to aim for Molly just in the 6 yard box who just rose slightly to head a perfect goal. 1 – 2. Leanne was called upon once to save well before back up front Chloe R was unlucky not to score in a 1:1 with the keeper, followed by Molly also producing a save.

HT 1-2

Woburn were quick on the attack in the second half, with the Kempston keeper pulling off a stunning save. Chloe A, Michaela, Millie, Grace and Zoe, who replaced Alice, were trying to keep a solid back line. With Emily chasing everything down one wing it looked good, but 1 – 2 was not a great lead. On 64 minutes though, Rosie got her reward with a fine solo goal, now to close out the game. The last twist was on 74 minutes as a penalty was awarded to Kempston, for a slight push in the box. Leanne got to it, but without enough force.

The Lionesses held on and relief at the final whistle! Now to concentrate on the league before the first of the 2 cup finals.

Final score 2 – 3

Well played girls!

Ross and Steve

Luton v Lionesses

Squad: Charlie, Leanne, Micky, Grace, Chloe A, Carrie, Emily, Rosie, Madison, Alice, Molly, Chloe R, Lauren, Georgie

Attendance: 40 (19 Lionesses)

Just a bad day at the office! Luton, playing their last game together as a squad, were firing on all cylinders, but unfortunately the Lionesses were not. It sometimes happens like that, at all levels of football, even in the Premiership, where over the last few years, suddenly 2 out of the top 4 or 5 teams, produce a game where one team wins easily.

For 25 minutes there were half chances at both ends. The Lionesses were finding it hard against a strong, motivated Luton line up and Charlie had to make a number of top class saves, including tipping a shot on to the bar and then out for a corner. 2 minutes later the rebound on a similar event was sent goal wards. 4 minutes later a Luton shot squirmed under Charlie. Just before half time Luton made it 3 with probably the only really good goal of the game.

HT 3-0

With the game slipping through our hands the coaching team decided to push forwards to try to get a goal back. Unfortunately, Luton hit us with a goal from a counter attack making it 4-0. Woburn did have chances, but Luton completed the scoring on 72 minutes.

A game for each and every one of the Lionesses to reflect and learn something from!

Pat and Steve

SGDC Final Lionesses v Kempston

2015-04-19 15.18.49Squad: Leanne, Charlie, Grace, Chloe A, Millie, Micky, Zoe, Carrie, Georgie, Molly, Emily, Rosie, Lauren, Alice, Chloe R, Jemma

It was a grey if anything chilly Sunday morning, for a repeat of last year’s junior cup final. However, the teams had the benefit of the grass pitch and the spectators the stand for shelter. Kempston started the brighter, with a first minute shot that was wide, but this did seem to spur Woburn into action and it looked like they had won a corner with their first attack, however a goal kick was the result. The game was a little disjointed but chances fell at both ends – Rosie forcing a save from the Kempston keeper, Kempston having 2 efforts cleared by Grace, before Molly and Georgie both went close. Kempstons best effort though was after 14 minutes, which was blocked by Leanne, who from a distance seemed to just throw herself bravely in the path of the ball. Woburn then seemed to stamp some authority on the game, with Rosie, Molly, Emily and Chloe R all looking to provide the ball and Georgie ever alert to attack down the middle. Corners looked to be a real weapon today for Woburn especially when delivered by Molly. The engine room at the back were as good as normal. Michaela sticking to the middle although Millie was let loose on occasion.

Half time 0 – 0

After an early chance on 44 minutes, where the ball just did not drop for Woburn, supporters  hearts were in mouths 2 minutes later as Kempston’s leading goal scorer  made it to the by line. Chloe A had other ideas as the ball was poked away off the Kempston players foot in a crunching tackle and damage limited to a corner. 10 minutes later on the third successive corner, Molly picked out Millie whose deft header crossed the line. Now the girls had to work and they did just that.  Carrie now on top in the middle, was winning more of the ball and Lauren in 2 spells was unlucky not to set up a forward as she made several neat passes in her usually calm way.  65 minutes gone, after Carrie neatly squared the ball to Molly, who was 25 to 30 yards out, the balcony end supporters knew what was coming too. A winner that would have graced a Wembley final. How the girls kept calm for 15 more minutes is remarkable. Although the crowd helped with some key phrases they have learnt over the years, “It’s still 0-0”, “you haven’t won anything yet”, “If in doubt, put it out”. Not there in body, but Pat could be heard… or was it a few comics in the Woburn crowd?

A final comment that shows Pats final other call of “No I in team”, a Woburn players assessment of her teammates was “I have never seen Zoe run and work so hard, she was awesome today” so nice to hear, But I can add 16 girls were awesome today!!

Final score 2 – 0

Fantastic result, well played girls. We are so proud of you all!

Steve, Ross & Pat

EB Lions v Lionesses

Squad: Leanne, Charlie, Grace, Micky, Chloe A, Alice, Millie, Molly, Lauren, Emily, Georgie, Chloe R, Madison, Carrie

Goals from: Molly x 1, Georgie x 1

POM: Emily

The last league game and penultimate game of the season – not really a lot to play for on this one, so with half an eye on the cup final several players were rested and others were played in an unusual formation. The Lionesses had all the early play, so it was not really a surprise when Molly made it 0 – 1 after 13 minutes. The Lionesses continued with the pressure but EB had a fleet of buses parked at the back and were playing well. The Lionesses had a string of chances but could not add to the solitary goal.

HT 0-1

The team were rotated around but the formation at the back were never beaten leaving both goalkeepers very little to do in the halves they played. It looked like the game was destined to be 0  – 1, before Georgie bounced in the dying moments to secure 3 points and over 50 for the season. It left 8 days to prepare for the final game with potentially a full squad available giving the coaches the job of picking 16 for next Sunday.

Pat and Steve