Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Lions – U17 Whirlwinds

Lions – U17 Whirlwinds

Manager: Dave Rutland | 07801 446039 | Email Dave
Assistant Coach: Guiseppe Lagioia 

Our U14s Whirlwinds side had a fantastic 2021-2022 season, winning the MKDDL Division 1 by 10pts and were undefeated all season. We also won the MKDDL League Cup and were knocked out of Bedfordshire FA County Cup on penalties in the semi final. As importantly, the boys had great fun on social occasions, such as go-karting, bowling, Nandos visit, and a trip to watch Top Gun: Maverick (parents too but made to sit elsewhere by the boys!). We’re looking forward to the U15 season, with a renewed emphasis playing good football and developing the team spirit.

Playing opportunities 

The team will have a small number of positions vacant for the U15 season (2022-2023). Please email Scott (manager since U7s) if interested…

Social stuff and tournaments

Paintball team trip, November 2022

With no league fixture, a dirty dozen headed out for a long morning of paintball fun. With new recruits joining the squad, it was a great opportunity for team building.

Shay’s Smiles 7-aside tournament (August 2022)

Another tournament win for the boys.

Woburn & Wavendon FC tournament (June 2022)

For the third time in a row, the boys won our home tournament. With the squad split into two teams, amazingly both made it through to the final, which meant the coaches stepped back and let the boys play. By the final whistle there was a result but more importantly all players happily smiling. Couldn’t have asked for a better day and a superb bunch of boys.

Top Gun: Maverick (June 2022)

Go-karting (December 2021)


Laser tag 

Paintballing team trip (February 2020)

In what turned out to be the last game of a season that was drawn to an early close by Covid, the team headed out on a team trip at a  paint-balling.

Xmas team trip (December 2019)

This year’s team trip involved the boys trying their hand at rock climbing. Afterwards, the boys headed to sponsor McDonalds for some refreshments.

Flitwick pre-season tournament (August 2019)

The team of friends go from strength to strength

Aquaparc, Willen Lake (July 2019) 

To keep the team in touch during the close season, we organised a trip to inflatable water activity (aquaparc) at Willen Lake and then McDonald’s afterwards.

June and July (tournaments) 2019

Five tournaments entered, with at least a semi-final appearance in each of them was a great achievement.

March 2019

Following our final league game of the U11 season, the team enjoyed a celebratory trip to McDonalds.

One of many team events from throughout the years the boys have played (and eaten) together

Christmas party (December 2018) 

Indoor glow football. A neon extravaganza. 

November 2018

A surprise team trip after our final match to be played in November, saw no time for a team talk as we instead dashed of to one of our sponsors’ locations for lunch. The result was 12 very happy, slightly confused but definitely excited boys. Many thanks to the team at McDonalds Kingston looking after us so well during the peak lunchtime rush.

TopJump (October 2018) 

A team and siblings trip to trampoline park TopJump was a great way for the boys to have some fun time that didn’t involve football. Photo is from the end of the session — they were happier than they looked!

Cinema trip (June 2018) 

A trip to the cinema to see the latest Avengers movie was on the menu for the boys. And, as ever, those that couldn’t make it were missed.

“Unity is strength. When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Christmas party 2017

The fourth Christmas party in the team’s lifetime was a hi-tech digital motor-car racing event at Simply Race.

Trampoline park (October 2017) Also joining the boys were several coffee-drinking parents, 3 slushie-drinking younger sisters, one elder sister and one teething young brother. A great day had by all.

Sky Sports player profile poses — Sept 2017 Any photo update for the main team photo always results in a request from the boys to have a now obligatory silly ones. On the first day of the U10 season, the goofiness was inspired by Sky Sports Premier League player profiles.

Team presentation day (July 2017) 

After a long, hot day at the Willen World Cup the day before, the squad reconvened for an end of U9 season picnic. A great season, with the team also winning the league’s Respect Award.

Bowling and pizza — March 2017

Frozen pitches across MK (January 2017) 

A trip to the PowerLeague for a training session. And a bonus point if you can find the 7th squad member in the photo below…

Flitwick Eagles pre-season tournament (September 2016) 

The youngsters won Saturday’s tournament winning all six games, scoring 23 and conceding no goals.

First training session of the U9 season (August 2016) 

To set the tone for the season we began with an exercise to look at ‘what it means to be a good team’, with the results below. Some big words, phrases and concepts from such smart little men.

Start of the U9 season

Shefford summer tournament 2016

Our final tournament of the U8 season.f868a2b2e791c3d4c2df22750b6e8aca      24761d7b8a26f7bb3991bb28a064738c

Woburn & Wavendon FC tournament 2016

Our first competitive tournament experience.

City Colts summer tournament 2016

Whirlwinds U8s, 2016, City Colts tournament

Christmas party — December 2015 

A trip to MK Spy Centre saw the Whirlwinds U8s pitched against each other as the self-billed team Rudolph and team Coders, with the red-nosers victorious.

Start of the U8 season — September 2015

Team presentation day (July 2015) 

A picnic in glorious sunshine at Willen Lake marked the end of a jam-packed, fun-packed inaugural season.team presentation 3teampresentation1team presentation 2 (1)

Woburn & Wavendon FC tournament (July 2015)

Our first Club tournament and what a brilliant day — spectacularly well organised and massive fun.  U7W WWFC tournament 201 5U7W WWFC tournament 2015DSC_0086

Family Fun Day at MK Dons (March 2015) 

Team day out as the MK Dons beat Notts County 4-1.

A very friendly ‘friendly’ – mixed friendly with City Colts (February 2015) Friendly friendly
For more, see the Club news story here 

Christmas party 2014

Bowling and Pizza Express… IMG_20141220_154847IMG_20141220_154704

U7 season (November 2014) 
 Luton Tournament (October 2014IMG_20141029_230305~2)

Start of the U7 season (September 2014)