U17 Lions win Gold

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U17 Lions

The Club is delighted to announce that our U17 boys have been awarded a GOLD Border Counties Youth Soccer League Fair Play Award for the first half of the season.

U17 Lions manager, Colin Bownes

U17 Lions manager, Colin Bownes

“If we keep it for the rest of the season, we get a League (Financial) Prize. We are one of 11 teams in all year groups and divisions to get a gold” commented Colin Bownes, Team Manager.


The BYSL are piloting a new way to measure Fair Play this year. Instead of marking 0-99, the managers mark the opposition as Fair Play 1-5 where:-
5 = Excellent – over and above the level required for the FA Fair Play and Respect Guidelines.
4 = Good – matches all FA Fair Play and Respect Guidelines.
3 = Good with minor issues – matches FA and Respect Guidelines in all but minor aspects.
2 = Poor – some important issues need to be addressed.
1 = Unacceptable – Major issues – report to League required. Improvement Action Required.
If you score an average of 4 or above you get an award. 4.0-4.33 is bronze; 4.34-4.66 is Silver; 4.67-5.00 is Gold.
Club Secretaries will be informed of the low scoring teams in their club so that remedial action can be taken.
Our U17 team scored 4.67 and just scraped into the Gold Award.
Beds FA (and The FA) are interested in how the pilot goes.

Colin added, “We actually also got a BYSL Club Gold Award – we are the only Woburn team in this league – but the League aren’t issuing these yet as there are some anomalies to be resolved”.

Well done to Colin, his coaches, the boys and all associated with the team. It is a tribute to all that they are obviously playing the game in its’ true spirit……. so important in delivering the participation and enjoyment both WWFC and the F.A. are striving for.

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