Woburn & Wavendon Football Club News We’re a #FemaleFriendlyClub!

We’re a #FemaleFriendlyClub!

We’re a #FemaleFriendlyClub! post thumbnail image

We were fortunate enough to be invited by the FA to attend the #FemaleFriendlyClubs Workshop this evening, which is making it’s way around the country as it is being delivered to the county FAs (I believe we were stop 23 of 39!)!

A great experience and recognition for the club as we had the opportunity to talk to other clubs that are developing and delivering a female football offering. We were also asked to attend and be ‘the club under the spot light’ as we shared our club’s journey with the rest of the attendees and hosted a ‘questions and answers’ session.

As a club we are extremely proud of our Lionesses football and would like to thank Bedfordshire FA, our members and partners for all of the support we receive to make it happen!

#FemaleFriendlyClubs #Lionesses

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