Aspley Guise

Aspley Guise 1 0 WWFC Lions - Hurricanes
24th September 2016
Fulbrook Middle School, Weathercock Lane, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes, MK17 8NP

Aspley Guise 1 – Hurricanes 0

It was a lovely sunny morning at our first away fixture of the season.

And this week the supporters were also up against it as we had to observe the FA’s ‘Silent Weekend’ directive! Although I’m sure we got louder and louder as game went on!!

After last weeks poor start to the game the Hurricanes seemed on top form and Joe B was straight in there with a shot in first few minutes – unfortunately saved by AG’s goalkeeper.

The game continued with lots of strong play from the boys and it looked like it was going to be the Hurricanes day!

However, there was a tiny moment of distraction from the Hurricanes and with some nice play from AG they managed a great run towards their goal and scored! This was AG’s probably only shot on target of the game.

The same couldn’t be said for the Hurricanes who retaliated straight away with a fantastic run from Dan but again missing the goal!

This was obviously going to be a frustrating game for the Hurricanes!

There were more super attempts from Archie, Cathal, Freddie and Kaleeq but the goal we desperately needed was becoming more and more allusive!

The Hurricanes finished the first half very strong if not slightly disappointed but the ‘silent supporters’ were confident there would be plenty of goals in the second half.

Score at half time Aspley Guise 1 – Hurricanes 0

The second half started with a few changes of positions for the players.

AG seemed to be playing a little more positively but couldn’t really create anything that was dangerous.

It became obvious the second half was going to be as frustrating as the first as the AG goalkeeper made 4 or 5 great saves.

Freddie made a great run and Kaleeq shot just wide of the post – I could go on as there were so many fantastic attempts from the boys but in the end the final whistle blew and the score remained 1-0 to AG.

How they stand:-

League Table

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