Woburn & Wavendon Football Club City Colts Raptors

City Colts Raptors

W & W FC Cyclones 1 2 City Colts Raptors
15th november 2014
home-crawley road

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Bailey,Callum(c),Callun,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.


Cyclones today play host to City Colts Raptors from league 2 so a tough game but yet a good test for the boys.

Today’s game was in doubt after the downpour of rain yesterday but a early inspection from Ian was good news,Game on !

Ian again was at Crawley rd at 8 am even though he wouldn’t be at the game today because he was off to twickenham today to watch the egg chasers.

Before the game started we asked the boys to start with a high tempo when city colts had the ball put them under pressure quickly and when we had the ball play our football the way we want it to be played.

To be honest city colts looked on top for the first five minutes but we then settled down and began to get into it and the first half was very competitive and fairly even both teams having a few chances.

City colts then got a penalty to be fair it was a shock decision both city colts coaches were also surprised by it,the boys looked disappointed and looked like city colts had already scored,but Korban certainly didn’t the form he has been in recently continued because he got down low and saved the penalty and was quick to grab the ball of the charging players with a little help from Morgan closing it down.

Great save Korban ! Although Kerry said its down to the kebab for dinner last night and the scrambled egg this morning for breakfast.

So the first half finishes 0-0 all to play for.

So the second half continues in the same way the first half was played both teams playing some good football challenges were strong but fair and again very equal.

Then the first goal of the game was scored by city colts from what was sloppy play from us in defence with the bogey conditions it needed to be fully cleared and wasn’t,in the city colts coaches words not mine all the good play in the game and thats the first goal scored. although I’m sure he was happy it was his team that scored and not ours.

The game continued to be a good contested game but then a quick break form city colts, Korban come out spread himself to clear it but it rebounded off the city colts players arm our boys were convinced it was handball as was I but the ref didn’t and we stopped playing didn’t play to the whistle but the city colts striker did and made it 0-2.

Harsh I thought personally I understand the striker was close to the ball would have agreed with the decision if his arm wasn’t above his head, I was disappointed as much as the boys but that’s football you don’t get everything go your way and that’s the lesson we all must remember but what was more important was the boys had to keep going not give up.

The boys did exactly that we kept trying and didn’t give in and had several chances and finally maybe a little to late 2 minutes from time we finally got a goal we deserved Callan with a great left footed shot from just out side the box.

But sadly that was it final score cyclones 1-2 city colts raptors.

Today extra praise goes to Korban for his continued improvement,confidence is such a good thing for a keeper and he’s certainly flying at this time and may it long continue.

And also today Bailey gets a mention after 2 minutes today I thought as did his mum we were gonna have to take him off after getting frustrated but to his credit he calmed himself down and played a great game he played today across the whole of the midfield then dropped into left back when john got injured but that’s Bailey he can play in so many positions and may not like it sometimes but as a team player he understands that and does what’s asked.

So today we lost but today we lost as a team all playing together and we finally are getting a performance from all the boys which is what we knew they had in them we are just falling short in the results part but I’m confident it will come soon so keep it up boys.

So in all a great game of football from both teams playing in a good spirit we thank city colts raptors for a good game and hopefully get to play them again soon and hopefully in league 2.

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