Leighton United U12 Girls v WWFC Lionesses U12s

Leighton United U12 Girls 1 5 WWFC Lionesses U12s
6th Jan 2018
Leighton United FC
League game

It was our first game of the New Year after a long layoff due to Christmas & bad weather. It was cold but we started in the sunlight which eased us in gently.

Leighton, due to illness, were down to 9 players only but put in a good performance with no subs.

Woburn had the opening advantage, playing downhill and started the brighter team, dominating possession for much of the first half.

Olivia and Izzy were first onto the score sheet today. Olivia scored with an accurately driven long range shot and Izzy sprinted in from the half way line to tackle the ball off a defender and secure it into the net. Next to score was Kitty with a lovely conversion from a corner taken by Olivia. The first half ended 3-0 to the away side.

Kitty improvising


Katie doing the ‘bump’ …70s dance for those too young !

Olivia weighing up the options

We largely dominated the game but for a brief respite during the early part of the 2nd half when Leighton were rewarded with a goal following another brave save from Maggie. Maggie successfully saved their first shot but it rebounded out and Leighton seized the opportunity to bury it in the other side of the net; 3-1. Following a run down the left Izzy ended up in a game of to-you-to-me with the Leighton goalie, with the ball finally being pushed out but a second identical run saw her put it into the net, taking the score to 4-1.

Olivia went on to blast her tally to two, bringing the final score line to 5-1.

We struggled with GOM today. The names in the mix were Ruby, Mollie, Olivia and Izzy today and Kitty too put in a strong performance, bringing other players into the game and skipping tackles. After some deliberation, the final decision though went to Maggie. Her first save was very brave & she took a hard knock in the ribs which I thought (wrongly on my part) might make her more hesitant in future but there was absolutely no evidence of that & she continued to make some great saves.  Maggie was also notably very quick off her line today, snuffing out any overhit balls from the opposition.

Izzy on a run

It was good to get playing a game again, in spite of the cold and to blow away the cobwebs. Mike came to the rescue when it became apparent early on that Kitty’s new boots were a misfit and pulled a spare pair out of his bag and Jen stepped in to take some photos when it was pointed out to the usual photographer that she had been neglecting to take any, only to then find that her phone had frozen (or so she says….).

Well done all. Weather permitting, away to Biggleswade next week.

Running totals Goals Assists  Saves
Kitty 16 3
Jas 5 3
Olivia 7 8
Izzy 4 7
Scoobs 1 2
Charlotte 3 2
Ruby K
Maggie  16
Tayla 1

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