Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Leighton Utd Vixens FC

Leighton Utd Vixens FC

Lionesses 15 1 Leighton Utd Vixens
31 Oct 2015 at 10.30am
Aspley Guise Common MK17 8DX
League game

Squad: Leanne, Grace, Millie, Chloe A, Carrie, Amy, Molly, Alice, Madison, Chloe R, Jemma, Casey, Georgie, Charlie, Emily

Lionesses goals: Casey x 1, Carrie x 2, Georgie x 1, Alice x 1, Amy x 1, Madison x 2, Chloe R x 1, Chloe A x 1, Molly x 3, Charlie x 1, Emily x 1

POM: Madison

A strange game on what turned out to be a bright sunny day. Woburn anticipated a tough battle as Leighton would be out to avenge the defeat they suffered at home. The Woburn management stuck to the normal rules though and the starting 11 in effect was based on who trained on Wednesday night. It would be unfair to dwell on each goal, the timeline is below. It was a horror show for Leighton and as per league advice attempts were made to keep the score down. Worth noting 11 of the 15 players scored, including a goalkeeper playing centre forward (Charlie) and a defender who gets about 1 a season since the conversion (Chloe A). Woburn played the last 20 minutes with only 9 players to stem the goals and midfield players in defence. Having spent large amounts of time passing the ball around. Credit too to the match referee for his contribution to making the game fair. Although Woburn would have expected to play Leighton on past performances, let’s not forget the reason we only have 1 division of girls teams, unlike boys football is an FA rule that prevents leagues being run across multiple counties. This rule does not apply in Boys football. Was the game effected by Leighton players missing because of half term? Again was it necessary to have a game with only 12 league games this season?

Assume though next time these 2 meet it will be a tough game – 2 seasons ago losses to Leighton cost Woburn runners up spot in the league.

1-0 Casey 4 Mins

2-0 Carrie 14 Mins

3-0 Georgie 24 Mins

4-0 Alice 26 Mins

5-0 Amy 27 Mins

6-0 Maddy 28 Mins

7-0 Chloe R 36 Mins


8-0 Chloe A 48 Mins

9-0 Molly 50 Mins

10-0 Carrie 52 Mins

11-0 Charlie 53 Mins

12-0 Molly 57 Mins

12-1 Leighton Goal 68 Mins

13-1 Emily 69 Mins

14-1 Molly 75 Mins

15-1 Maddy 76 Mins

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