MK Wanderers Kestrels

W & W FC Cyclones 4 4 MK Wanderers Kestrals
28th febuary 2015
home crawley rd
Friendly 11 a-side

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie ,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John(c),Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Aaron,Alex 3.

Today cyclones are up against mk wanderers kestrels in our first attempt at 11 a side football in possible preperation for next season,we played mk wanderers kestrels just before Christmas winning by 1-7 but we was aware that that meant nothing today.

In recent weeks we have had some great performances and last week we had some good play just misfired a little in defence costing us the game today we wanted the full package.

So pre match warm up begins and to be honest I think we should have read the signs for today’s performance from that we looked lethargic and look like we thought it was just a simple win.

But as coaches we tried explaining to the boys we need to look like we were interested and as a team we need everybody up and ready to perform we can’t depend on individuals performances we need a TEAM performance from all 12 of them.

4-4-2 was the starting formation working on the concept didn’t really change our shape from a 9 a side game.

The game started and to be honest the boys struggled with the amount of bodies on the pitch less space for movement and lots of players were all over the place,usually we are telling the boys we have gaps in the middle of the park but today it seemed like it was the M25 in rush hour full and congested we needed to create space.

Both teams seemed to struggle getting the ball to do something we just needed to be patient and hoped the boys realised that sooner rather than later.

About 15 minutes in we finally pulled of a good bit of play winning the ball in midfield and it was fed to Callan who Produced a lovely pass out to Malik who wiped in a lovely cross fro Aaron to slot home from inside the 6yd box.

We then for 5 minutes looked like we had got control of the game.

Unfortunately that was short lived as wanderers got a equaliser we couldn’t get the ball out of our half and it fell to a wanderers player who hit it from outside the box high which was assisted by the wind and that Korban was possibly bit far of his line and just couldn’t prevent it going in over his head.

Half time finished 1-1.

To be honest neither side was dominant probably a fair result but we felt second half we needed to considerably up our work rate as we were not even second or third to the ball,wanderers wanted it more and we know we can play better than we were so far today.

2nd half we changed formation to try 3-5-2 formation to see how we played with that and to start the half we got a early goal and great bit of team passing Bailey starting the move by winning the ball and running forward with it feeding it to the wing which was crossed and finished by Alex.

We then got a 3rd alex again putting it in to the wanderers goal.

Although we were 3-1 up we just didn’t looked comfortable yes our 3 goals were great team goals but we still didn’t have the control of the game wanderers were still making chances and we were making errors in our positional play and our first touch was not great.

Wanderers then got a 2nd goal again a speculative effort from outside the box which looped over Korban again,it was a great finish although we were disappointed he was able to attempt and succeed with the effort why wasn’t we closing him down quicker.

That goal certainly gave them confidence and we were at sixes and sevens and we couldn’t get control and were panicking all over the field but some how we got a 4th alex completing his hat trick.

Hopefully that would settled us but sadly we continued to struggle and wanderers got a third which was very disappointing.

Unfortunately the goal was very similar to goals we conceded the previous week because we didn’t defend it correctly we need to realise just swinging to clear a ball isn’t good enough you need to control the ball and win it if you don’t we get punished and we did as the ball went through the defence and the wanderers player was through to calmly finish it off 4-3.

Wanderers still seemed to control the game we were second best to everything lots of the boys were having off days,and the final goal was scored after we conceded a free kick outside the box. We put up a good wall which Korban set up but they looked confident at taking the strike at goal and sadly Korban moved just a little to far across to the other side managed to scrambled back across but just was unable to keep it out.

That’s how the game finished in a 4-4 draw possibly mk wanderers kestrels probably felt disappointed not to get the win because they certainly tried to get it,thankfully for us we managed to scrap a draw,we certainly know ourselves sometimes you don’t get the result to the performance deserves.

Today wasn’t our best performance maybe moving to 11v11 is harder than we thought it would be kestrels have played a few of them so may have helped them but personally we felt today we under performed certainly I felt it was our worst performance overall this season we lacked effort and to many of the boys under performed and we didn’t looked like the team we usually do hopefully we don’t do that next week in our first league 2 game.

Recently I’ve had to mentioned several players during my reports but today it’s been hard to mention individuals.

Alex today showed us his versatility 1st half he played at left back then 2nd half up front and getting his hat trick with some nice finishing from team goals.

But Bailey today finally got his performance right from start to finish.

Last week he was great for 50 minutes and sadly spoilt it in the last 10 minutes which we discussed it with him and he himself realised what he did wrong even if he disagreed with what he did.

today before the game I spoke to him again and told him we wanted that again but for the full game and he defiantly did that and a bit more,for me he was the only player for the whole game that looked like he wanted to get the ball down play our way and when we didn’t have the ball showed the desire to try and win it back from the first to the last minute.
We thank mk wanderers kestrels for today’s game and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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