Sharnbrook FC

C.C. Sharnbrook FC 5 1 Lionesses Blues
15th Oct. 2017 at 2:00pm
County Cup

The best 1st half I have seen from this developing team!                    Well done for battling hard for the first 45mins. Even when we went 1 down we did not stop believing.                                                               Credit to Leanne , Scarlett (solid performance)Jade, Captain ( injured) Britney went M4M) Vicky gave strength to the midfield) Emma (POM) , Jodie chased all game, Molly (playing with bad knee & gave her all)  Amy ( assisted in every good move) Sophie ran her socks off)  Chloe     ( did everything I asked & more) Georgie ( x 1 goal on 30mins worked tirelessly)

1-1 half time, gave them something to think about, but their strength in depth with at least 3 fresh pairs of legs made all the difference, + their no 3 & 5 were again heads above all others on there team.

Unfortunately we ran out of steam during the second half but not before 12 players gave 150% each.



Final Score 5-1

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