Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Shefford Saints U12 Girls v Lionesses U12s

Shefford Saints U12 Girls v Lionesses U12s

Shefford Saints U12 Girls 0 2 Lionesses U12s
25th Nov 2017
Lower Stondon Recreation Ground
League game

We met at Shefford’s picturesque  new pitch at Lower Stondon, on probably the coldest morning yet of the season so far. It took a couple of minutes to get used to the blue lines but it was a fair surface to play on (and a hundred times better than ours !).

As Shefford’s numbers were low, we had a few shivering on the bench but it wasn’t until part of the way into the match that we realised we still had one too many girls on the pitch and quickly took another off. Shefford were without subs which didn’t seem to hinder them (in fact their manager felt they played a little better when they were briefly out-numbered!). I supplied our subs with a rather stylish fluorescent road maintenance jacket to keep off the cold which for some reason they weren’t too keen to make use off. Perhaps not surprisingly as the match progressed and the wind chill picked up, any concerns for fashion were quickly forgotten.

No Ruby K today who had succumbed to one of the many lurgies doing the rounds. Dean too warned that he was suffering and while we feared he may not be able to fulfil his coaching role, recruiting Mike as standby, as soon as the whistle blew to start Dean’s dulcet tones miraculously returned.

Woburn had the greater possession during the early part of the first half but it didn’t look as though a goal was going to be forthcoming. Shefford saw off any forays into their goal area. However, Woburn persisted and out of nowhere came a nice combination between Mollie passing to Olivia who then played the ball on to Kitty, resulting in the first goal of the game as Kitty coolly slid the ball into the left side of the net.

Charlotte in pursuit

The second goal came from a beautiful weighted pass from Kitty which enabled Katie to run onto it and bury it convincingly into the top corner for her first goal of the season. Well done Katie !

Kitty looking for options

We took advantage of the half time break to layer up Maggie who hadn’t had too much to do and was taking the taking the brunt of the chilling wind.

During the second half Shefford succeeded in a few breaks down the right wing but the Lionesses saw them off, with their closest chance to scoring coming from a corner which Izzy cleared. On balance we had the greater possession, with the biggest threat coming from Shefford’s very able number 9 who our girls managed to successfully curtail.

Olivia taking possession

Izzy in flight

Maggie wasn’t tested too much today though she dealt easily with any shots that came close to our goal. We experimented with some alternative methods of bringing the ball out from the back too which provided food for thought.

Mollie intercepts

Mollie intercepts

Today’s Girl of the Match was a close run thing between Katie who put a lot of energy into her role as right forward, ultimately scoring her first goal, and Mollie who made a return to her previous excellent form, playing left back. She put in good runs and passes and demonstrated some great linking up play. The final decision went to Mollie but both should feel very proud.

Tony’s dodgy stats

WWFC   Shefford
1st half 2nd half   1st half 2nd half
70 65 Possession 30 35
4 1 Shots off target 0 0
2 2 Shots on target 0 3
0 1 Corners 1 1
Running totals Goals Assists
Kitty   15 4
Jas   4 3
Olivia   4 8
Izzy   2 6
Scoobs   1 2
Katie    1  
Charlotte   3 2
Ruby K      
Tayla   1  

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