Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Shenley Panthers v WW Lions Hurricanes

Shenley Panthers v WW Lions Hurricanes

Shenley Panthers 5 3 WW Lions Hurricanes
22nd November 2015 at 10.30 AM

Shenley Panthers started the better out of the two teams and after a clumsy challenge had a free kick on the 2nd minute of the game. They lofted the ball into the area but Dom was on hand to head away.

3 minutes – Lewis slips in the conditions but Panashe races over to clear the danger.

5 mins – Shenley miss a sitter.

6 mins – Shenley are through and hit a great strike but Cameron pulls off a great save to keep The Hurricanes in the game. Dom makes the clearance and Zac picks the ball up in midfield and plays a great ball forward to give Louis his first run at the Shenley defence.

7 mins – Woburn through again as Juan stops the ball from going out and pulls back for Louis, but Louis cant find the back of the net.

8 mins – Woburn are awarded a free kick and Zac steps up and finds the top corner with a curling free kick from 30 yards out.

Shenley Panthers 0 – 1 Woburn Hurricanes

The lead was lost just 2 minutes later when the Woburn defence were caught on a break and outnumbered.

Shenley Panthers 1 – 1 Woburn Hurricanes

13 mins – Josh races down the right flank and gets a great cross in but Juan can’t convert and sees his effort go wide.

14 mins – Shenley are back on the attack but Thomas is strong and gets a great clearance in to stop the attack.

17 mins – Shenley are awarded a free kick but Cameron pulls off another amazing save. Kicks the ball out and Ethan picks it up in midfield but over hits the through ball.

23 mins – It’s Josh again as he beats two players and gets the ball to Louis who is crowded out by the Shenley defence as he tries to get his shot off.

25 mins – PENALTY ! Panashe is adjudged to have brought down a Shenley attacker.

The Shenley player steps up and just as he kicks the ball slips over, the shot is awful but wrong footed the keeper as Cameron begun to dive the opposite way. Awful penalty but crawls over the line to make it Shenley Panthers 2 – 1 Woburn Hurricanes.

26 mins – SUB Alex comes on for Ethan.

28 mins – Zac is through on goal but can’t get the power into his shot and it’s a comfortable save for the keeper.

29 mins – SUB Harry comes on for Lewis

30 mins – Louis races onto Zacs through ball but the keeper puts the ball out for a corner, Josh has a chance to level but skies the ball.

36 mins – A dangerous Shenley attack is stopped as Harry puts the ball out for a throw in.

38 mins – A terrible mix up in defence and Shenley pounce to make it 3 just before the break.

Shenley Panthers 3 – 1 Woburn Hurricanes. 


The boys came in disappointed but it was clear that we had our chances in the first half and just had to be better in midfield and more clinical upfront.

The Woburn boss sent out his side with a clear message to attack and that was evident in the first minute with Joe and Alex dominating midfield we were through on goal from the kick off and earned a corner.

2 mins – Juan hits a great corner and the Shenley defence put the ball out for another corner.

Zac took the corner but uncharacteristicly hit it across the floor, we tried to get it under control but the Shenley defence put it back out.

Zac took the corner again and it was great, straight into the area and Thomas (Big T) gets his head on it and powers it past the keeper.

Shenley Panthers 3 – 2 Woburn Hurricanes.

4 mins – Woburn now setting a brisk tempo are really starting the second half well and Josh beats 2 players to get through on goal and gets his shot away, the Shenley keeper fumbles the shot but Woburn can’t take advantage.

8 mins – Louis is through on goal with a great bit of play but blazes his shot over the bar.

12 Mins – SUB Jude on for Zac

16 Mins – Shenley play a long ball and pick it up well but Harry who has settled very well is on hand to calmly clear the ball.

GREAT TACKLE. Midfield is now starting to become a real battle and Joe slides in to clear the ball.

21 Mins – Great save from Cameron.

25 Mins – SUB Callum on for Louis.

Callum presses well and wins the ball over on the left and wrong foots the defender to get in a great cross but Jude can’t convert it.

28 mins – Callum up well on a corner but his header goes just wide.

31 mins – FREE KICK – Shenley are awarded a free kick and to be honest I still don’t know why now. But they step up and convert making it Shenley Panthers 4 – 2 Woburn Hurricanes.

32 mins – PENALTY !! Woburn take the centre kick and Joe Abbey hits a great ball forward and Callum races onto it but once through on goal is brought down, he really has played well since coming on (It must be the new boots).

Alex steps up and calmly drives it into the bottom corner.

Shenley Panthers 4 – 3 Woburn Hurricanes.

SUB – Ethan on for Josh

36 mins – SUB Louis now on for Alex as we go for it up top with three strikers.

37 mins – Harry takes a great free kick and drops the ball into the Shenley box but Shenley clear.

Its all Woburn when a long Shenley clearance bounces over Thomas and Panashe and leaves Cameron with a one on one with Shenley Panthers No. 10 who finds the back of the net to make it Shenley Panthers 5 – 3 Woburn Hurricanes.

39 mins – Louis is put through and one on one with the keeper nearly makes it 4 but the keeper pulls off a fantastic save.

FULL TIME – Shenley Panthers 5 – 3 Woburn Hurricanes.

A disappointing result but a great performance from the boys who on another day could have had 5 or 6 goals, Shenley were in a match from start to finish and both Manager and Coach could not ask for more.

Man of the Match – Joe and Harry – Two outstanding performances.

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