Southside Utd

W & W FC Cyclones 0 3 Southside utd
18th otober 2014
home-crawley road
mkddl div 3 league game

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum(c),Callun,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Cyclones were back in league action again against Southside Utd who so far in the league had won all 3 of there games and had been scoring goals for fun.

We knew we would be in for a tough game today on the two previous games we had played them we had won but certainly didn’t take that for granted because they are a hard working side.

So we started the first half and from the start southside showed there intent and we struggled with it southside were winning every battle on the pitch we looked slow and not at the races.

18 mins had gone and sadly 2 goals conceded until we actually started to win some battles on the pitch and for the last 12 minutes of the first half we were the team on top we just needed to get the goal for the effort in the last 12 minutes but sadly we couldn’t our best chance coming to Alex who just hit it over the bar.

Half time cyclones 0-2 southside Utd.

Team talk was simple play with a higher tempo don’t let them run the show.

Straight from kick off Aaron and Malik played a good run down the left but again we couldn’t find the finish we needed,but we started to look a bit more like ourselves.

Then southside got a third from a free kick we switched off and went to sleep and there players quick thinking he lofted it into the top corner,to be fair we as coaches were disappointed with the goal but had to admire the quick thinking from the boy.

But that was it then the boys we looked defeated but credit to the boys we still dug deep and tried to get a goal back but it seemed to be a day where we were not gonna get anything from the game.

Even in the last minute we had a effort blocked by the keeper then for a rebound shot from us it clearly hit a southsides defenders hand but offside was given,how I’ll never understand our player was on the goal line in a offside position but the keeper was In front of him and his view was not blocked,so how could he be offside even there coach was amazed by that decision.

Don’t get me wrong that wouldn’t have changed the result but still we would have got a little consolation for our effort.

So at full time southside win the game 0-3 and we lose our first game in the league unfortunately we didn’t perform to our best and today we couldn’t manage to snatch a win which we have done at times so far this year but we move on to the next game and hopefully learn from this defeat.

We congratulate southside on the win today In a game played in a good spirit with both sets of parents supporting the teams In the correct manner and we wish southside well for the rest of the season.

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