Tattenhoe Reds

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Four subs are crouched beneath shared umbrellas – “I’m as wet as a sausage” says one. A few moments earlier – “this pitch needs a shave…like a beard”. These were the conditions for Whirlwinds’ first league match. Well done to all 9 players, especially how well our subs watched and supported their teammates. Also well done to Tattenhoe Reds; excellent hosts.

Q1: two 1-2s. Rain.
Q2: two dangerous corners. More rain.
Q3: two clean sheets. So much rain.
Q4: two more goals. Enough with the rain already!


* Noah – a hat-trick of perfect goal kick passes in Q2.
* Agastya – headed flick-on from a throw-in. Creative!
* Alexander – winning the ball in defence before calmly dribbling to safety.
* Lewis – a second quick 1-2 with Alexander in Q1.
* Finley – a scoop pass to Lewis in Q1.
* Maxwell – a strong block tackle and counter-attack dribble.
* Jake – a first-touch short 1-2 pass to Jack in Q2.
* Jack – a pair of evil corner-kicks in Q2.
* Thomas – stopping to turn left, escaping two defenders tricked into running right.

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