Two Mile Ash Crusaders

TMA Crusaders 5 1 W & W FC Cyclones
10th january 2015

Squad. Aaron,Alex(c),Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.


Cyclones start 2015 of with an away friendly against Two Mile Ash Crusaders who play in league 1 so not a easy start after a few weeks off over Christmas and the new year with only 1 training session but TMA also had that break.

So with the step up into division 2 for the boys we wanted a few tough games to get the boys ready for the step up and we explained to the boys today the result wasn’t the important thing,what was important was to get a good run out and if possible a performance they could be happy with.

So many games in the winter league this year we started slow and caused ourselves trouble and we as coaches are aware that in division 2 more than 3 we won’t be as lucky to get wins when starting slow.

So before the game we explained this and told them we needed to be first to everything which the boys understood,maybe because it’s something us coaches ask for time and time again.

So the game started and from the start we could see the step up TMA played some very quick football and moved the ball well they certainly stared quickly out the blocks.

We seemed to struggle and when we did get the ball we lost it very quickly.

We soon went one down TMA using the width well and open up a gap in the defence to score.

It quickly became 2-0 but just before TMA had a double effort at our goal but Korban saved us both times.

The second save especially was class from him,he was on the floor on one side of the goal form one shot and the TMA striker hit the ball across to the other side and about 4 ft in the air,but some how Korban got himself up and across to make a impressive save which certainly would have been shown on MOTD if it had happened in the premiership.

The only disappointment was the defensive clearance from his save it was weak and went back out to TMA to attack us and score that second goal.

2-0 soon became 3,4 then sadly 5-0 which usually I would report but to be honest I can’t remember how they were scored,all I can say was TMA were having fun and we were just still on a Christmas break we looked lethargic and certainly not at the races today the break wasn’t so good now I guess for the boys,although nice for us coaches and parents I’m sure.

So half time we go in 5-0 down and the boys look exhausted and disappointed.

So time for us coaches to ask the questions to them,and all of the boys knew what was wrong and what they needed to do so all we asked was to show us and the parents something that resembles the cyclones we all know.

Commitment,desire,effort and some belief was what we needed and to show TMA we are better than that first half performance we had given.

From the first whistle we started 100% better and looked more like ourselves and it continued throughout the second half,yes TMA had chances but our defence looked more solid and Korban again was there if required.

And we finally got a goal Sam was tackled from behind just in the box,so penalty.

Callum stepped up and calmly put it in the net,as Bailey standing next to me said Callum doesn’t miss penalties,hopefully that continues when he’s required to take one.
So the game finished TMA Crusaders 5-1 Cyclones.

A game of two halves today finishing much better than we started so we take the 2nd half as a positive,but lesson still can be taken from the poor 1st half also.

Special mention today’s game go to Korban and Sam.

Korban again made some great saves the goalkeeper training he is having is certainly helping him individually and recent performances have shown that and the confidence as I seem to mention so often is flowing and not forgetting it’s helping the team out of some sticky defending at times.

And finally Sam who seems to just get praise for his goals but today it’s for his work rate in the second half he didn’t seem to stop running sometimes chasing lost causes but somehow won them and it helped the team out keeping the ball out of our half and in there half which kept the pressure on there goal and not ours.

We thank TMA for the game today and wish them well for the rest of the season.

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