Willen tournament

Willen Tournament 0 0
8th Jul 2017 - 8.30
Willen Primary School, Beaufort Drive, Willen.

830am arrival (at a guess, the final could be 4pm-ish…)

Parking for the event will be at Willen Primary School, Beaufort Drive, Willen.

We ask all attendees not to park in residential roads or in the parking bays at the local shops as this upsets the residents and the shop owners, police will be notified of anyone causing an obstruction.

There is an entry charge of £3.50 which includes a copy of the programme and parking.

* There will be 8 games played during the group stages

* Teams finishing 1 through 4 will qualify for the knock out stages of the Cup & teams 5 through 8 qualify for the
knockout stages of the Plate (must be two groups as 18 x U9 teams confirmed with 9 confirmed in a group, so more knockout rounds than semis?)

* The back pass rule is enforced

* Goalkeepers cannot kick out of their hands; the ball must be thrown out.

* Goal kicks to be taken from the goal line

* All group games – 8 minutes straight play.

* Goalkeepers are allowed out of their area


Confirmed teams


NPTFC  Lions

Woburn & Wavendon Whirlwinds

Aspley Guise Hawks

Willen Spartans Red

Willen Spartans White

Willen Bulldogs

Roman Rangers Blues

NPTFC Tigers

Cleanslate Falcons

Kempston Rovers Lion

Tattenhoe FC Reds

FFA Stripes

Stony Stratford Town Panthers

Stony Stratford Town Tigers

Heeland Rangers

Aspley Guise Falcons

MK Gallacticos

Hamilton’s Football Academy



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