170108 clarets v kettering

Bridget, Ashley ©, Chloe, Grace, Sharna, Jay, Lauren, Charlotte, Dom ,Alex, Alice, Shelby Lucy, Emma, Cat , Jess,

Att 33

New Year

A warm up for the county cup game saw Kettering renew their friendship with Woburn and agree to play a friendly. Two evenly matched teams produced a good first half which Kettering edged with a goal after 35 Mins.
HT 0-1

Deservedly Woburn got some reward on 52 mins as Charlotte made it 1-1, but then Woburn mysteriously imploded as Kettering replied with 2 quick goals. Further goals in the last ten minutes gave the score line a somewhat harsh finish.
FT 1-5

170205 woburn v houghton

Bridget, Ashley ©, Ollie, Chloe, Grace, Sharna, Shelby, Charlotte, Dom ,Alex, Charlie, Lucy, Emma , Jess, Lauren

Att 27

Nearly the Encore
HT 2-1
FT 3-4

It was going to be hard to reproduce the game of the previous round (who will ever forget that 5-4 win in extra time 2 months ago) but this came close. Same story 11 minutes gone 1-0 down, but Rob had a secret plan, when you need extra strike power play a goalkeeper up front! On 21 minutes from the left side of the box there was Charlie to stab home an equaliser. With minutes of the half left Woburn deservedly got another after intense pressure. Grace swinging a corner in at the golf club end which Charlotte barely had to move for a sublime header and Woburn took a deserved lead.

HT 2-1

The turning point of this game, even with the drama to come, was on 55 minutes when Shelby whom in my opinion was having the game of her season had to come off with a head injury. Rob was not quite ready with a planned change and within 3 minutes Woburn were pegged back to 2-2. Somewhere in this point of the Woburn clearly thought they had scored but the referee obviously thought the ball did not cross the line and play continued with the ball then out of play for a Houghton throw in. Fair enough, however at this point a raised Houghton assistants flag called the referee back 60 yards and after much discussion the ball was pulled back for a Houghton goalkick. Now it may have been a goal it may not, one thing barring divine intervention it could not be was a goalkick, physics and maths required for ball trajectory! Anyway it resulted by 79 minutes with Woburn pressing in seeing themselves 4-2 down. With though 14 minutes injury time due to what hopefully was not a serious injury to the Houghton keeper ( who went off but hopefully that was just common sense) Woburn were able to pull a goal back through Dom. Sadly no more heroics but a fantastic display from a team that actually played really well.

170115 woburn v luton

Charlie, Ashley ©, Sharna, Chloe, Grace, Alice, Jay, Lauren, Charlotte, Dom ,Alex, Lucy, Cat , Jess,

Att 52

The Big One

With a 4 ½ division gap between the teams realistic Woburn were just looking for a good performance. On the day the only real disappointments were a lack of chances created, with only 2 shots and that includes a grace clearance/ come shot, and that some players heads dropped so early. There was no embarrassment to include goals to Luton they are in the woman’s Premier league only 2 promotions off the super league. With goals conceded on 4,7,12, and 16 minutes the score could have got out of hand but either side of half time 35 minutes of play may have seen few chances for Woburn but they contained Luton and one tackle from Chloe was probably felt in Luton.

HT 0-4

The goals did start to rain in including 2 penalties, with 20 minutes to go Jess was given a go in goal at 10-0 down she was undaunted and with a string of good saves the game only finished 11-0.
Fair play to Luton who surely will win the county cup (Bedford may have other idea I suppose) but they treated the game like any other and were happy to warm up away from the pitches on a horribly wet day when more games were postponed than on in some areas.

161204 garston v clarets

Bridget, Ashley ©, Ollie, Chloe, Grace, Sharna, Jay, Lauren, Charlotte, Dom ,Alex, Lucy, Emma, Cat , Jess,

HT 2-0
FT 3-3
ET HT 4-3
AET 4-5
Att: 31


Over the years I have had the privilege of watching many great games for various Woburn teams; 6 cup finals – of which Woburn won 5, 4 games with teams needing a win to secure a league title, and various other notable great matches. Today ranks as one of those special moments, going in to work on a Monday morning proud of having witnessed a great game.

I arrived a bit late having had a rugby match to watch and not helped by the early kick off due to the possibility of extra time. At this point Woburn were 1-0 down, scored in the 17th minute. Not long afterwards on 22 minutes it was 2-0. However, Woburn did not look out of this and battled away for the rest of the half probably having 60% of good possession to 40%, but just unable to convert. However with no more goals conceded the chance was still there.

HT 2-0

8 minutes into the second half and Charlotte was level with the last defender as the keeper advanced, calmly a spot was picked and it was 2-1: game on. Incredibly, on 57 minutes, just 4 minutes later, it was 2-2, Charlotte again . The belief was there. When on 64 minutes Lauren made it 3-2 to Woburn you began to wonder if it was Woburn’s day for once. Woburn still attacked freely and defended stoutly. Ultimately 4 minutes and 20 seconds of injury time was played. Unfortunately the message had gone out that only 1 minute would be played after an injury in injury time, yet it turned into over 2 minutes, and with seconds left Garston scrambled an equaliser in spite of “Bridgy’s” best efforts.


With darkness descending extra time started and 2 minutes in it was 4-3 to Garston – this would surely be cruel on Woburn.

ET HT 4-3

Anytime to score a goal is great but Lauren’s effort on 106 minutes to drag the teams level was perfect. Now, as Woburn pressed, we were to see something special. With just 9 minutes left the ball rolled back from a Woburn attack to Chloe standing nearly 30 yards out, the ball smashed back off the left hand post and into the net. A superb effort in the circumstances. Now statto has checked, so what a moment to score your first senior goal in your 26th senior game and 281st game for the club (65 goals). Coincidentally, standing alongside me, and level with Chloe as she shot, was Nigel who converted Chloe from a 14 goal a year midfielder to 1 goal a year defender 5 years ago – a nice touch!

This though was a squad effort and they were all brilliant even Bridget who tried to get me covered in Mud.

Next round home to Houghton.

161120 BCC crawley green v clarets

Jess, Ashley ©, Bridget, Chloe, Grace, Sharna, Lara, Shelby, Lauren, Charlotte, Dom , Lucy, Emma, Cat , Alex,

Att 23

Good Middle

This game started with Woburn playing sloppily from back to the front, hard to say exactly what was wrong and in spite of the storm the night before the pitch was not too heavy so no blame there. However, even playing like this, on 10 minutes Dom gave Woburn the lead and slowly that seemed to have an effect as Woburn woke up and realised that the quarter Final of a county cup for a second year in succession was possible. Woburn had the speed to outpace the Crawley Green defence in several different ways. Lauren down the right wing Lara from the left or Dom down the middle. 3 minutes in Dom made it 2-0.

HT 0-2

Woburn started the second half on fire with Emma grabbing 2 goals in 2 minutes on 47 and 49 minutes. Dom narrowly missing a Hat Trick with a shot clattering the cross bar. A goal pulled back on 64 minutes led to a nervous end to the end game especially when Crawley Green added a second on 84. Not the greatest display but a win. Some injury worries over Captain Marvel Ashley who as always gives 110%. Nearly all the crowd where Woburn followers and half of them seemed to be related to Bridget, it all adds to the touchline atmosphere!
2-4 Next round 15th January

160908 earls barton

Jess, Ashley ©,Sharna, Chloe, Grace, Alice, Shelby, Dom ,Lauren, Charlotte, Lucy

Att 27

Bare Bones

With just a bare 11 players the Ladies travelled North this week for another friendly, a tough battle on a hot Sunday but with Sharna dropping into defence the back 4 still looked a solid unit. Persistence paid off half way through the first half as a penalty was awarded, calmed slotted home by Shelby returning to the club after a 3 year absence.
HT 0-1

Delight for the team on the hour when Lucy took the entire defence on and in spite of the advancing keeper slotted home taking a knock on the knee in the process, but a standing ovation from the team. With Charlotte winning everything in the air and passing from defence to the forwards all was looking good for Woburn Jess making a couple of good saves. Earls Barton did get a consolation with few minutes to go in spite of the cross bar twice, Grace and Jess throwing bodies at the ball it did go in eventually.

Ft 1-2

160911 Evergreen v Woburn

Jess, Ashley (c),Annelie, Chloe, Grace, Alice, Sharna, Jay, Dom ,Lauren, Charlotte, Lucy

Att 21

All At A Standstill

Confusion reigned this week as Woburn’s intended opposition had insufficient players registered for a league game. Fortunately a quick bit of work from team manager Rob and instead of an Easterly trip to Royston we had the southern drive to Abbot’s Langley. There in lay the next hurdle a shut M1, partially closed A5 and roadworks on side roads. Captain Ashley led the way though with instructions to all and managed to get herself there by 12:30. 12 players made it with only 2 lost in transit. Although with 15 minutes to kick off we had 9 players and no manager! Thanks to Evergreen and the referee though a 30 minute delay ensured both sides had 12.

Woburn edged early play, crashing one shot onto the bar but Evergreen slowly came into the game. The new back four of Ashley Chloe and debutants Grace and Annelie, who shall now henceforth be known as Olie, her request, combined youth and experience. Grace joining older sister Alice in a match for the first time, it took me a while to work out why their proud dad was on about feeling like “Mr Neville” must have a few years ago.

After 31 minutes a great Evergreen cross was turned in in spite of Jess’s finger tips.

HT 1-0

Time for a good start to the second half, unfortunately a bizarre moment with no cap Jess could not see a long hopeful shot until it was too late and in spite of wrapping herself around the post literally it was 2.0 after 47 minutes Jess though like a true keeper checked she had 2 legs and 2 arms and was able to carry on.
Woburn now showed real character, and some skill going forward, where did Lucy’s tricks appear from! On 53 minutes Dom made it 2-1 and it was game on. Woburn did not relent and a moment to savour as Alice found younger sister Grace who crossed for Lauren to nudge the ball in the net. With Sharna and Charlotte in full flight and Jay holding the middle a third looked possible if not likely. It just did not come and fact the last moment saw Jess save well to her left.

A fair Result and for an outstanding debut POM was an easy decision for the “panel”

POM Olie

170312 Evergreen v Lionesses Clarets

Bridget, Ashley ©, Jess, Chloe, Grace, Ollie, Shelby, Charlotte, Dom ,Alex, Lauren, Cat, Emma, Lucy

Att 26

Battle of the Mudlarks

I had wondered all morning if this game would be on, on my late arrival the teams were warming up but the pitch was playable albeit heavy and requiring one bit of forking from “Jeffy”. Meanwhile the adjacent pitch which had more standing water was deemed unplayable. It was never going to be a pretty affair but testimony to both sides at the wrong end of the table but 30 players were available between the squads. Woburn started the stronger with a chance for Lauren in the opening 2 minutes which ended in the side netting. On 20 minutes though Ollie having a great game had the ball in the net , but a quick glance across showed that the Evergreen assistant had her flag up. However an excellent piece of refereeing saw the referee come over and discuss the goal, I could not quite hear but I believe it was along the lines off Ollie was onside at the point Woburn played the ball the final touch to her was from an Evergreen player which becomes irrelevant, goal to stand. Woburn continued to press though but that second goal would not come.

HT 0.1

Woburn had to soak up much more Evergreen pressure in the second half, at times you just wanted to see the ball cleared but Ashleigh, Grace, Ollie, Chloe and Jess in the main still wanted to demonstrate they could play football from the back, Bridget not adverse to playing the ball too. Was it Rob in charge or “Pep”? Lauren for her troubles took a bang to the head which I believe has resulted in a broken nose although I think the CT scan was ok. Hopefully she makes a quick recovery and big thanks to “Jeffy” and Bridget for taking her to hospital. Bridget in her first Woburn season was so proud to realise she and the team had kept a clean sheet for the first time this season. I had to write that to get the word clean in, kit and boots were filthy dirty to say the least.

POM Ollie

170226 Panshanger Ladies FC v Ladies Clarets

Bridget, Ashley ©, Jess, Chloe, Grace, Ollie, Shelby, Charlotte, Dom ,Alex, Lauren, Cat, Emma

Att 19


On a Windy day the last thing you really want is to be playing on a massive wide open field, we were! To be fair though the ground was almost perfect underfoot so good to get a game.

Really the season is becoming a tale of if only especially if only the early games had of seen some deserved points. However today although ultimately to end with some disappointment showed some of what the Clarets can do. Never a pretty game but you have to win them. Charlottes Free kick from 20 yards on 4 minutes was just too high initially but via the bar and the keeper went in and 8 minutes later Lauren doubled the lead, in a game that saw her cover about every blade of grass, in spite of Woburn having much more play it was Panshanger that had the best chance on 38 minutes but they ballooned a penalty over Bridget’s bar.

HT 1.2

Panshanger came out strongly in the second half and got their rewards on 59 minutes. Woburn were hanging on although one Panshanger play was lucky to go unpunished arguing with a referee and then throwing a ball of way could easily have been 1 if not 2 cards for dissent. The final cruel blow was on 88 minutes when a scuffed shot hit a Woburn stud (I kid you not) and trickled over the line. A cruel end, the shot Panshanger hit onto the post would have been easier to take!

FT 2.2
Managers POM Shelby