AFC Dunstable U12s v Lionesses U12s

What an excellent game & result (0-1) in our match Saturday against Dunstable who, I feel, are the best team in the league. I went with lower expectations as we had just the 9 players & many carrying knocks too so I certainly had a sense of let’s just enjoy it. Clearly, the girls had other ideas!

Bouncing high

I thought in the 1st half we rode our luck a little bit but we were competing for every ball and the defence were doing just enough to keep Dunstable at bay.

Mollie determined in defence

Tayla definitely not letting that ball through

The 1st half finished 0-0. The second half ebbed & flowed but we started to gain the upper hand with large amounts of time in their half  and with the better chances falling to us. With about 5 mins to go Olivia was pushed & we were awarded a free kick 1/3 of the way up the pitch. Kitty struck the ball cleanly & it sailed into the left hand side of the goalie. 0-1. The girls were ecstatic. The coaches & parents were yelling & screaming for the girls to focus, which thankfully they did. Dunstable launched attack after attack, & it was clearly backs against the wall time but  the defence held brilliantly firm for the last period, which I have to say, felt like an eternity.

The final whistle blew the girls embraced and the coaches/parents were able the breath again. 0-1 and our best victory this season.
Bring on City Belles Wednesday.

Safe hands                                                             

Scoobs chasing down the ball

Dunstable had a large squad to swap in as they had gracefully agreed to lower numbers due to our limited number but I actually think having a small squad today helped, as it enabled the girls to settle into their positions and get their eye in. As sub though Katie had to be flexible and was asked to play right back, left back & forward and she helped the team out greatly by doing so. The ref ( I think partly for his benefit) giving the girls regular drinks break also helped with recovery times. The explanations he gave throughout the match re. his decisions were appreciated though I did have to smile a little when he took it upon himself to demonstrate a high kick.

Olivia stalking her player

I feel it would be unfair to award just one Girl of Match as the whole team really stepped up to the plate. Thanks girls it was both nerve wracking and delightful to watch.

Izzy with her eye on the ball

Lionesses U12s v Stotfold Girls U12s

Izzy in the midst

Unfortunately we lost our game last Saturday against the league leaders Stotfold, 1-2, but it was a good match in very cold, soggy circumstances!  Stotfold are clearly a good side and though we had them rattled at one point, when they had 4 players plus the goalie behind the ball, overall I thought they deserved the win.
Kitty added to her tally with an assist from Jas. 
For me, there were two contenders for ‘girl of the match’. Special mention to Maggie who kept us in the game time after time but ultimately, the girl of the match goes to Tayla who had a fantastic game. Well done girls !

Mollie keeping control

Katie with her eye on the ball

Lionesses U12s v AFC Dunstable U12s

Olivia takes a corner                                        

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to write a match report again following our match Saturday against Dunstable; the score was 2-4 in Dunstable’s favour. They were worthy winners but we did run them close for a while. It was quite a physical game but I felt our girls on the whole, handled that well
In my opinion there were two contenders for Girl of the Match. 
Olivia clearly raised her game – she ran her legs off showing great determination to get to the ball and claimed a goal too by closing down the goalie, She also gave us some great corners. However, final decision for Girl of the Match goes to Scoobs who time & again made inroads down the right wing causing Dunstable all sorts of trouble. Well done girls.

On the attack


About to launch

Celebration time…..       

Newport Pagnell Swans U12s v Lionesses U12s

A welcome spot of evening sun, saw the Lionesses away to Newport Pagnell Swans on Wednesday. The game finished one a piece with the Lionesses goal coming from a well taken penalty by Kitty. Thanks to Hilary for the pics !

Kitty preparing to take the penalty…



..and she scores !

Scoobs on the run. 

Kitty in the fray.

Jas and Scoobs on the attack.

Lionesses U12 v Kempston Girls U12

Today was not only cold but wet from beginning to end so well done to both teams for competing. On a positive note, it was character building. In spite of Jen’s coat proving that snowflakes were indeed starting to fall, there were luckily no reports of hypothermia…

Kempston were quicker out of the blocks today putting us under pressure from the start. WWFC were unfortunately put under more pressure within the first few minutes when a typically brave interception by Maggie ended up with her going off the pitch early on & not returning. We await the prognosis from A&E with bated breath.

Kitty stepped up & put on the goal keeping gloves and was soon put to the test when Kempston were awarded a penalty for hand to ball. While everyone might not have been in agreement, it was poor form on our part to challenge that decision so vociferously. Fortunately, Kitty ignored the hullaballoo, remained focused and went on to save the penalty.

We were at sixes and sevens for a good chunk of the first half before we started to find our feet. Thankfully we did start to string a couple of passes together and were awarded a corner near the latter part of the 1st half. Olivia placed the ball excellently into the danger area which Charlotte managed to get a touch to. It was deflected off a Kempston defender but managed to find its way into the goal; 1-0 to the home side.

The half time whistle blew not long after and we were happy and perhaps a little bit lucky, to close that half with just one goal.

The second half continued in a similar vein with us perhaps having just a bit more of the possession and our girls starting to look the stronger team but we remained vulnerable. The cold was clearly affecting some of the girls and there were a lot of panic kicks when there was time to take a touch and then pass. Jas and Charlotte both managed a couple of shots on target and Tayla and Mollie both showed strength of character, digging deep and keeping us in the game.

GOM this week though was a unanimous decision. Kitty stepped up when needed and admirably defended the goal in Maggie’s absence. She delivered some great goal kicks quickly and accurately, closed down any long balls and displayed great anticipation, getting her foot to close threats on a couple of occasions. Well done Kitty however don’t get too comfortable because we missed you up front !

No pics today as requested by the opposition and no dodgy stats either as they would have been even dodgier than usual. There were a lot of distractions today and we all felt great concern for Maggie.


Running totals Goals Assists  Saves
Kitty 17 3
Jas 6 3
Olivia 7 9
Izzy 5 7
Scoobs 1 2
Charlotte 4 2
Mollie  1
Ruby K
Maggie  1  18
Tayla 1

WWFC Lionesses U12s v Kempston U12s

It was a bit of a grey morning at Ridgmont today and it wasn’t long before a slight drizzle added to the deceptively chilly breeze but the girls soon warmed up as we met Kempston for the second time this season, this time for a cup game.

From the whistle, the game was on with both teams looking pretty evenly matched. Kempston were pushing hard for goal which initially our defensive line-up coped with well. Tayla took strong control of the middle while Ruby K in particular stepped up to the plate and continued to raise her game, running down any challenges, putting in some strong kicks and good passes. Ruby combined notably well with Mollie to see off any threats down the left wing. Mollie made one long run up the left, passing three Kempston players, but unfortunately there was no-one to hook up with at the end.

My dodgy stats indicated that at this point we had the greater possession but unfortunately we were unable to capitalise on this, with only one shot on goal in the first half, from Charlotte.

Nil all at half time.

Kempston always looked a threat and they secured the first goal of the game in the second half with a wide angled shot to the bottom corner, just beyond Maggie’s reach. Maggie was under pressure and again the stats show that far too many balls were getting through to her. She coped well, making nine saves in all.

Charlotte added a bit of energy to midfield which until that point had been lacking and she got one terrific shot off on goal, just denied by the post.

Kitty, battling with having been ill all week, still managed to put in a wonderful corner which the keeper just managed to get to but spilled into her own net. This got WWFC onto the score sheet and brought the score to one all.

Every time the ball was played into midfield, Kempston quickly picked it up and made an attack, demonstrating some good strong passing and confident strikes at goal. It seemed a little in the second half as though the Lionesses’ midfield had joined Izzy on her day out. We need you all present again for next week please !

It wasn’t long before Kempston sealed the match with another goal which the Lionesses sadly turned into their own net. In the closing stages, Woburn seemed to take it up a gear but it was all too late.

There were two contenders for Girl of the Match this week: Ruby K who continues to shine and Maggie. The award goes to Maggie this week as she handled the pressure admirably and kept the score line sufficiently low to have kept us in the game.

It may not have been the team’s best performance but none should feel as bad as the secretary who realised a couple of hours after we got home that the penalty spots she had marked out was about 10 feet too close to the goals. Thus she was whole-heartedly relieved that the game had not gone to penalties ! (I should point out that said secretary is also in charge of the household finances !)

‘Man’ of the Match goes to Mike for going above and beyond with disposal of something the foxes left behind the night before.

(We were requested not to take any photos today).

WWFC Kempston
1st half 2nd half 1st half 2nd half
70 30 Possession 30 70
5 2 Shots off target 0 7
1 0 Shots on target 0 4
4 2 Corners 0 2
Running totals Goals Assists  Saves
Kitty 14 3
Jas 4 3
Olivia 4 7
Izzy 2 6
Scoobs 1 2
Charlotte 3 2
Ruby K
Maggie  13
Tayla 1

Lionesses v Shefford Saints

It was a slightly later start today at Ridgmont and though milder than it has been of late, the wind still reminded us that it was January.

We were without Maggie in goal today but we were pleased to see her arrive to watch, sporting a pair of crutches. Hang on in there Maggie, it won’t be long before you’re back in the game. Both the Rubies were also below par having fallen foul of the winter bugs this week so well done girls for digging deep and both putting in good performances.

Subs bench

Also grateful to Shefford for playing as their team too had been affected by the bugs and they were without a number of their usual squad.

Woburn started the stronger and within the first few minutes we opened our account with a lovely pass by Izzy, from the right, to Jas who buried it, 1-0.  In that instance we thought perhaps it might have been off-side but the linesman kept his flag down. This was closely followed by a sublime one touch pass from Jas to Charlotte which resulted in a corner for Woburn.

Kitty had put on the goalie gloves for the first 15 minutes but she wasn’t really put to the test and  when she came out onto the pitch for the second quarter, she soon made her mark. Izzy supplied the assist which Kitty converted, taking Woburn to 2. Jas had assumed the role of goalie but for much of the remainder of the first half was not really put under pressure.

Play remained largely in the Shefford half with Tayla, Mollie, Ruby and Scoobs in control of any balls that strayed over the half way line. A blinding corner from the left by Kitty, curled majestically into the goal mouth bringing the score line to 3-0 at half time.

Oranges consumed, the teams returned to the pitch and Shefford appeared to have found their mojo in the early stages with a little more pressure on the Woburn goal, girled now by Tayla (who absolutely loved it !). The Woburn manager (me), battling with an orange carton against the wind, made a brief foray onto the pitch amid a barrage of helpful comments from the touchline. The carton lost.

Mollie closing down

I think that is Kitty under all that clothing

Jas lining one up

Kitty, now playing central defence, collected the ball part way into the Shefford half and lobbed it high towards the goal. Everything appeared to go into slow motion as the ball came in over the head of the Shefford goalie and flew gently into the back of the net; unstoppable for pretty much any goalie…even a tall one. 4-0.

Ruby K assumed the goalie gloves for the last quarter and got her hands to the ball when required and Kitty moved back into her usual role up front. A strike from Kitty rebounded and was followed up by Jas who scored her second. The final goal came from another intercept by Izzy who passed it to guess who, Kitty, giving her her fourth. The game ended 6-0 to Woburn.

Charlotte in pursuit

Izzy looking for options

Following her stints in goal, central defence, attack and hat-trick plus one, today’s GOM has to go to Kitty for the second week in a row. Well done !

Due to the state of our pitch, the girls are prone to more than a few air kicks and today was no exception. Winner of the most aesthetically pleasing air kick this week, once again, goes to Kitty.



Tony’s dodgy stats :

WWFC Shefford
1st half 2nd half 1st half 2nd half
80 70 Possession 20 30
1 5 Shots off target 0 1
5 3 Shots on target 0 0
5 2 Corners 0 2


Running totals Goals Assists  Saves
Kitty 21 4
Jas 8 3
Olivia 7 9
Izzy 5 10
Scoobs 1 2
Katie  1
Charlotte 4 2
Mollie  1
Ruby K
Maggie  1  18
Tayla 1


Lionesses v Mid Beds Tigers

No match report this week due to lack of time. Apologies !

Tony’s dodgy stats

WWFC Tigers
1st half 2nd half 1st half 2nd half
60 70 Possession 40 30
5 2 Shots off target 1 1
3 6 Shots on target 1 1
4 2 Corners 1 0



Running totals Goals Assists  Saves
Kitty 15 3
Jas 5 3
Olivia 5 7
Izzy 2 6
Scoobs 1 2
Charlotte 3 2
Ruby K
Maggie  13
Tayla 1