Squad. Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan,Sam(c) & Owen.

Goals. Alex 2,Alfie & Sam

Today’s evening game was against our fellow Woburn & Wavendon FC team the Hurricanes.

We wanted the boys to start playing more comfortable in this formation because we really do now think we should be getting more accustomed to it now this being our 5th game at it.

We also wanted to try a relaxed warm up to see if the less approach helped the boys settle down quicker.

Game started and our boys looked to attack early on but hurricanes also wanted to show us they wanted to give us a game.

Cyclones were tying to play to our strengths passing the ball around and move the ball quicker but it lacked intensity to us it felt the boys again knew we were going to win before we started because we beat these easily last time but us as coaches know that game means nothing today.

We soon went a goal up Alex scoring after some good work from the boys.

Hopefully this would get us moving but very shortly we were all square again Hurricanes got a corner.

A great cross and it hit the defenders head,I’m not sure he wasn’t aware he had scored and thought it came of our player as he didn’t really celebrate it but it was defiantly his goal.

Hopefully that might wake us up now !

We soon went back in front Alex again finishing not bad for a defender upfront in Aaron’s absence although he could be a striker he has scored 18 now this season.

Sadly for us hurricanes went level again a long ball over top an we left a big gap between the defence and Korban neither managing to get to it quick enough a disappointing goal as we thought we had sorted theses out recently.

It almost got worse again boys were committed to far up and they broke thankfully the hurricanes players shot went over the bar only just would have been a great goal for them most of us on the side lines thought it was in.

That’s how it finished at half time,although the biggest highlight and possibly funniest was the ref (hurricanes manager) telling the linesman (Cyclones manager/club chairman) to stop coaching whilst doing the line it got a great laugh/cheer from both teams parents and a even bigger one from our boys.

Half time was a bit of home truths to the boys we don’t win games whoever it is if we don’t perform at our best it’s not just a simple turn up and score goals and win,when we play the better sides we always give them a game so that’s what teams are going to do against us.

So we started better and soon went a goal up again Sam getting the goal hopefully we could continue that without conceding.

The back looked a big more solid and a unit and the desire looked to have improved we were trying to get our game going,hurricanes were certainly doing there best to close us down quickly put us under pressure early everything we do to the good sides and it was working for them.

Thankfully we then got a fourth to give us some breathing space Alfie finally got a goal he deserved as he had several previous chances but the hurricanes keeper was on fire made some great saves today from him and some of the other boys.

That seemed to then helps us start playing football we relaxed and it possibly deflated the hurricanes or possibly they were getting tired but we then produced a great 5th goal.

Some good work from Charlie wining the ball feeding it to Alfie out on the right who then passed it into Bailey who slotted the ball amazingly with the outside of his boot through to Sam who finished it of really well.

A great passing goal if it had been Iniesta,Xavi,Messi & Neymar doing it sky would have shown it over and over lol.

That’s how it finished cyclones 5-2 hurricanes, and tough game and I’m sure hurricanes are not to disappointed because they did well today and gave a great account of themselves.

We showed some great play at times but unfortunately it’s the temperament and possibly over confidence that stopped us playing in the way I’m sure us coaches and parents all know we can play if we have the right performance.

Thank you hurricanes for the game that was played in a good spirit and positivity form all participating and once sorry for our linesmans coaching we will try and have a word with him but you know what he’s like ;-).


Squad. Aaron,Bailey,Callum,Callan(c),Charlie,John,Korban,Malik,Morgan,Sam,Billy & Owen.

Goals. Aaron 2,Billy.

Another 11 aside run out but Unfortunately not our full team (Alex & Alfie went to watch arsenal)so we managed to borrow Billy from tornadoes and Callum’s school friend Owen to help us out short notice.

This was our 4th 11v11 and we tried another formation hopefully this could be more suited to us.

Today’s opponents we know well it contained 3 ex cyclones and some of our boys friends,so it was a game of school bragging rights also(we all know what that’s like).

We just wanted to look more like a 11 aside team as we had struggled in the other games we had played against teams we had beaten easily in 9v9 games and to bed honest Newport have been tough games we hadn’t beaten them before losing 1 and drawing the other so hopefully today was the day.

So the game started and straight away Newport were on the front foot attacking us we were second to most balls and they were very quickly into their game and Newport were a goal up soon after some quick play down their right a good cross and Newport had several players back post to put the ball away.

Not a good start!

But we dug in for a bit moved a few players around and then seemed to find a little bit of rhythm going forward and had a few chances ourselves and finally finished one with Aaron scoring.

The game then was finally balanced both teams starting to play some good football trying to break down each other and it was cyclones who managed to score first,Aaron scoring again he certainly is trying to catch Sam in our goal scoring table for this year and he is getting closer.

That’s how it finished at half time 1–2 cyclones.

It’s was a good 1st half the boys done well with 2 boys who hadn’t played this year for us we was happy,we just wanted to calm down a little and try to continue with playing our game.

So the second half continued very much like the first.

Newport got a equaliser a long ball over the top and Morgan’s header wasn’t his usual massive clearance it hit the back of his head and went towards the goal and sadly over korban who wasn’t helped by the lowering evening sun and a Newport player chased the ball down to tap it in.Not the greatest goal to concede but it happens nobody to blame just sometimes those things happen.

So it was all even and both teams were trying to get that next goal and it was great to see both teams trying to win it and we were lucky enough to get it Billy putting the ball into the net finishing of his good performance for us(do think he prefers us to the tornadoes he told me there coach isn’t all that,although think that’s harsh on his old man;-).

The game still had chances for both teams,we started to panic a little started kicking the ball clear rather than playing football but I guess sometimes that’s all you need to do to get a result and that’s what we got.

In all a very good game from both teams played in a very good spirit which was nice.

Cyclones performance was ok probably our best 11 aside game so far but still need a few more games needed in preparation for next season.

Thanks to Billy and Owen for helping us out short notice very much appreciated and both contributed to this result.

But today we had some good performances and perhaps Malik and Bailey for us deserve extra praise.

Malik again was great in supporting the defence when needed but was more of a attacker today using lots of his ability to open up the Newport back line which he done many times today.

And finally Bailey who today just got on with his game never let anything bother him,wind him up just played football,which is great as this is when we get the best of Bailey hopefully he understands why we want him likes this all the time.

Thank you to Newport Pagnell Youth Spartans for today’s game I’m sure we will meet each other again next season.


Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John(c),Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Aaron 2,Bailey 2,Malik 2,Morgan & Sam.

Cyclones today played a friendly against Leighton town a team we played a few times and they have always been tight encounters.

The game today was more about getting back to basics for us after the disappointing result last week making sure we played football at the right times.

The wind was a bit windy so we certainly needed to play the ball on the floor.

Game started and the boys quickly got going the wanted to prove last week’s result was a bad day at the office it felt to me and with in 5 minutes Malik calmly slotted the ball home to put us 1 up.

2 minutes later Leighton equalised after some poor defending sadly neither Callum or Morgan called a name and they both seemed to leave for each other neither one taking ownership let the Leighton player through on goal and sadly Korban didn’t get quick enough out to him.

Oh know not again please!

Thankfully we responded within 60 seconds Aaron slotted the ball home and we went 2-1 up.

We started to put on the pressure causing lots of chances Malik and Sam had clear cut ones but Unfortunately wanted to swap to there stronger foot when they could in our opinions taken it with their weaker one.

Sam then got our 3rd on 15 minutes latching on to a great ball from Callan who dinked the ball over the Leighton defence for Sam and his pace which caused Leighton trouble the whole game.

3 soon because 4 Sam again using that pace down the wing but this time he run down the line and looked up to see Bailey free in the box to simply slot it into the net a good bit of play by Sam and great to see him look for somebody in the better goal scoring position.

Bailey then got another just before half time to make it 5-1 before half time.

At half time we praised the boys but told them to continue playing the good football that we had done in this half let’s not lower the standard and drop the tempo.

And they didn’t start well very soon into the second half we conceded a 2nd another mistake by us causing ourselves problems this isn’t something we need cut out for the league games.

Thankfully we restored the 4 goal cushion again shortly after Morgan from a rebound after his header from corner was deflected back into his path.

Pew certainly were in control but know the boys were getting a bit excited Morgan was doing some great things today but at one point we had to say stop trying to score more goals do your job defensively and await the chances try not to make them out of nothing,although he wasn’t the only one trying things which don’t help our tempo especially silly flicks,again we as coaches wanted them to get control and pass the ball.

We then sealed the win when Aaron and Malik scored number 7 and 8 to win the game 2-8.

In all a good team performance and a good resulting into a big game league game Saturday.

Today the boys teamwork was good and sons of the football was good the back 3 looked more together defensively backed up from the midfield and forward line.

John,Malik and Sam today are singled out for som great play today.

Malik’s skill was causing lots trouble but recently his tracking back and physicality has improved so much a few weeks ago I said to him we needed that little bit more in that area from him and what’s great he has taken it on board and tried to improve which he has done.

John again was solid in every position he played I think he must have played in 4 maybe even 6 positions during today and not once did he look uncomfortable.

Sam also was on fire his pace is such a asset fir the team when we play on the right pitch for him to open himself up and today he had that pitch.but more importantly for us was the play involved in baileys first goal how he waited looked up and passed it was great again do thing we have been working with Sam on.

So in all a good performance from all of the boys ready for our league game Saturday,

We thank Leighton town for the game today and wish them well for the rest of the season and in the cup final next week I believe.


Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Charlie,John,Korban,Malik(c),Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Aaron,Morgan & Sam 2

Today was our last league game of the season and today we were away to Bromham Yth Lions who we lost to early in the year by a late goal in the cup so we really wanted to reverse the result today.

We were down to 11 players today after Callan went down sick overnight(hope you feel better soon Callan).

If we could win today we would finish in joint 3rd position in the league which would be a great achievement for the boys,that’s all we needed to tell them but also enjoy as we had no pressure of relegation or title so most of all just enjoy it.

The game started and as usual we were slow out of the blocks and it took us a hood 10minutes to get ourselves organised and Bromham seemed to settle immediately with a few attacking chances we finally settled and started to play our game and attack the Bromham goal Aaron just go in short in our first attack.

We then won a corner and from it we scored the first goal of the game Morgan timed his run perfectly to header in from john great cross.

0-1 cyclones and we begin to play some good football.

Bromham soon equalised sadly we could see the striker got the ball from a offside position(as did our parents)but we had to forget it and move on continue playing some good football.

We then got our 2nd after some good footwork and control from Sam,he then fed the ball forward for Aaron who battled with the Bromham defender which he won to slot past the out coming keeper great work from Sam and great strength and finish from Aaron.

Bromham then shortly after scored a second goal,this one was even more offside than the first the parents on the sideline were ready to lynch Ian probably a good he was the other side of the pitch 😉

The parents though did give him a very sarcastic cheer on the next bromham attack where a player was off side which Ian did see the funny side of.

That’s how it finished at half time 2-2 and yo be fair to our boys they were very disappointed with not leading but we could understands that but also had to remind them we have led the game twice so far continue what we are doing and don’t give bromham any chance on goal by winning the tackles and showing conviction in a tackle when trying to win the ball back.
The second was very similar to the first we were slightly on top but bromham would have chances also.

Korban was very commanding in his box and goal mouth the defence was staying strong Morgan got a nice shiner for winning a ball whilst taking a knock in the process,the second head injury for us today after Bailey clashed heads with a bromham player in the first half.

But the most important thing for us was we were always going on the front foot we looked like the team who wanted the victory most and finally our pressure told and we managed to get a third goal Sam was put through and he took his time and chipped it in.

Finally the pressure was broken and we started to get confident and tried to finish the game off we had chances but so did Bromham all we needed to do was continue attacking but remember we need to be sensible with not pushing to many bodies forward just in case.

We did this and finally we killed the game off,Sam again calmly finishing for his 2nd and our 4th.

We still create chances Sam almost completed his hat-trick with a long distance free kick which I can honestly say I had my arms up celebrating it,Aaron and Alfie also went very close in the final few minutes.

The game finished 2-4 to the cyclones giving us a victory which would leave us finishing this league to campaign in joint 3rd position which is a great achievement for the boys for all there hard work this season.

Today the whole team did a great job we managed to secure the win by playing to our strengths and as a TEAM!

In saying that we still have to mention some of the boys.

Korban today was confident and secure.

Alex,Callum and Morgan again worked there socks off at the back.

Aaron again held the line and caused the Bromham defence trouble throughout the whole game.

Alfie,Bailey Malik and Sam caused havoc in the midfield attacking and defending,but today john and Charlie stood out for us.

Charlie today was really solid his tackling today was strong and was with conviction and even started some great attacking movements for the team and not forgetting his darting run which was great to see I certainly think his heat maps would have been high today he certainly moved all over the pitch.

John today by far was possible his most outstanding individual performance since we moved Alex into the defence.

When we did that we moved john into the central midfield role which he was good at but he struggled to last longer than 10 minutes but he has worked hard and now his fitness has improved he run around the whole pitch for almost 45 of the 60 minutes today .

He started almost every good attacking move of ours won many challenges after we lost Possession and like Charlie shown his desire to win this game.

All the boys did well and as coaches we are proud of what they have achieved again this campaign we couldn’t have expected much more to be honest.

So well done boys !!!

We thank Bromham for today’s game and hope to see you again next season.


Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John,Korban(c),Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Sam

Today was another 11v11 friendly against City colts raptors we have played them twice before and lost by a single goal both times so today was gonna be our toughest test yet at 11v11.

All the other games we have played so far our performances haven’t been that great,if we were honest at times we see the cyclones we know but not really played the game to our potential.

Today before we started we felt we needed the boys to understand this and that today we certainly couldn’t not give less than 100% as raptors are a side that could punish you if you did lower your standards.

The 1st half was a very close affair both teams trying to out wit each other,trying to play to there strengths passing the ball trying to penetrate each other’s goal but to be fair both teams just couldn’t find the finish both attacking players were trying but both defences were staying strong and when they were beaten the keepers were there to make the saves although can’t really remember either teams really causing that much goal mouth action.

The 1st half finished 0-0 and to be fair that was a fair reflection on the half but the football from both teams was great don’t think there’s was much more either team could have done to try and score it was just two very good sides trying to win the game.

At half time we just told the boys to keep playing the way we were it was a good performance but try not to make any mistakes because that could make the difference.

2nd half began and the first 10 minutes raptors come out with real determination and put the pressure on our midfield and defence we certainly was gonna have to dig in and soak it up,and to be fair we did the defence was strong when needed and the midfield did a lot of tracking back.

Then all of a sudden we began to get a good bit of pressure and probably the next 10 minutes was all us Aaron up top was chasing everything putting the pressure on them and with Sam,Bailey,John,Malik and Charlie helping him from midfield our attacking play began to cause raptors some problems.

Finally we got the break through Sam was put through and thankfully put the ball past the keeper his 30th goal of the season.

0-1 cyclones.

After theb goal for 5 minutes we looked to get a second but just couldn’t get it raptors soaked up some pressure themselves.

The last 10 minutes was again very even we were trying to get the second goal and raptors the equaliser,again great credit to both teams because the football,desire and effort to get the goal was there,it was just a matter who would get it.

The answer was raptors with less than 2 minutes to go there striker got past our boys and slotted the ball past the out coming Korban.

Disappointing to concede that goal so late on but we couldn’t take it away from raptors they deserved it and 1-1 probably was a fair result.

That’s how it finished 1-1 both teams were happy and both teams congratulated each other’s for a great game of football this was probably the best game this year from 2 teams in a game that we had been involved in,two teams both showing hunger and desire to win and to also stop the opposition from winning.

To add to that both teams played the game in the correct manner can remember many strong tackles that were late and there wasn’t many controversial incidence,just two teams playing in the spirit of the game and that was great to see a good display for youth football really.

Today was a good team performance again no boy had a bad game the defence was great and midfield worked there socks off as did our forwards so today no special mentions individually but just hope the boys continue that team effort from now on.

We thank City colts raptors for today’s game and I’m sure we will see you next season for a game or two.


Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie,Bailey,Callum,Callan(c),Charlie,John,Korban,Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Aaron 3,Alex & Bailey.

Today after a few weeks off cyclones week back in action with a 11 aside friendly with Stewkley.

With no Malik today it meant no subs and every player would get a good 60 minutes under there belts after the Easter break.

So the game started and Stewkley attacked us straight away and the boys quickly had to get them selves adjusted to playing 11 aside football it seemed,although it was in our final third a lot the boys looked comfortable with the attacks and we then finally got hold of the ball and Sam managed to break into space and fed the ball nicely in to Aarons path who calmly slotted the ball into the bottom far corner from our first attack great start and finish.

0-1 very shortly became 0-2 again Aaron with a nice finish.

The second goal seemed to get us playing some better football but we still lacked something we seems to be in 3rd gear at most,maybe the boys had to many Easter eggs although we still looked the stronger side.

We then got a 3rd goal from Bailey with a lovely first time shot from a clearance from stewkley’s defence from just on the edge of the box.the finish from Bailey was good and it’s something we have been wanting him to do instead of trying to take on the whole opposition team in that area of the pitch.

We then got a 4th just before the end of the first half Alex scoring almost as soon as we pushed him up from defence into the midfield.

Half time Stewkley 0-4 cyclones.

Team talk was to up are tempo and desire simple show us the cyclones we have seen in recent weeks.

Sadly for us we didn’t show that in the second half we seemed to become a team of individuals not much real good team play to mention we got a 5th from Aaron early on to complete his hatrick But nothing else I can really mention Stewkley obviously wanted to finish the game with pride and continued to get a goal at least but nothing of real threat over than one shot from distance which korban pushed away from going in just below the cross bar.

Although Stewkley continued that we still looked the more stronger team but just not fully working together which was frustrating but there was little glimpses at times to show they could do it like we know they can.

And that’s how the game finished Stewkley 0-5 cyclones.

In all not the greatest performance from us but the boys win comfortably but if we could be critical of the boys we could have played with more intensity,desire and most of all more togetherness as a team the shoreline could have been or even should have been a lot higher.

Maybe after the break this was a game we needed to get rid of some of the cob webs ready for the tough league run we have coming and not forgetting it was also a 11 aside game.

No real special mentions today although Aaron I guess should be congratulated for his hatrick with. Some nice composed finishes.

We thank Stewkley for today’s game and wish them well for the rest of the season.

MK Wanderers Kestrels

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie ,Bailey,Callum,Callan,Charlie,John(c),Korban,Malik,Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Aaron,Alex 3.

Today cyclones are up against mk wanderers kestrels in our first attempt at 11 a side football in possible preperation for next season,we played mk wanderers kestrels just before Christmas winning by 1-7 but we was aware that that meant nothing today.

In recent weeks we have had some great performances and last week we had some good play just misfired a little in defence costing us the game today we wanted the full package.

So pre match warm up begins and to be honest I think we should have read the signs for today’s performance from that we looked lethargic and look like we thought it was just a simple win.

But as coaches we tried explaining to the boys we need to look like we were interested and as a team we need everybody up and ready to perform we can’t depend on individuals performances we need a TEAM performance from all 12 of them.

4-4-2 was the starting formation working on the concept didn’t really change our shape from a 9 a side game.

The game started and to be honest the boys struggled with the amount of bodies on the pitch less space for movement and lots of players were all over the place,usually we are telling the boys we have gaps in the middle of the park but today it seemed like it was the M25 in rush hour full and congested we needed to create space.

Both teams seemed to struggle getting the ball to do something we just needed to be patient and hoped the boys realised that sooner rather than later.

About 15 minutes in we finally pulled of a good bit of play winning the ball in midfield and it was fed to Callan who Produced a lovely pass out to Malik who wiped in a lovely cross fro Aaron to slot home from inside the 6yd box.

We then for 5 minutes looked like we had got control of the game.

Unfortunately that was short lived as wanderers got a equaliser we couldn’t get the ball out of our half and it fell to a wanderers player who hit it from outside the box high which was assisted by the wind and that Korban was possibly bit far of his line and just couldn’t prevent it going in over his head.

Half time finished 1-1.

To be honest neither side was dominant probably a fair result but we felt second half we needed to considerably up our work rate as we were not even second or third to the ball,wanderers wanted it more and we know we can play better than we were so far today.

2nd half we changed formation to try 3-5-2 formation to see how we played with that and to start the half we got a early goal and great bit of team passing Bailey starting the move by winning the ball and running forward with it feeding it to the wing which was crossed and finished by Alex.

We then got a 3rd alex again putting it in to the wanderers goal.

Although we were 3-1 up we just didn’t looked comfortable yes our 3 goals were great team goals but we still didn’t have the control of the game wanderers were still making chances and we were making errors in our positional play and our first touch was not great.

Wanderers then got a 2nd goal again a speculative effort from outside the box which looped over Korban again,it was a great finish although we were disappointed he was able to attempt and succeed with the effort why wasn’t we closing him down quicker.

That goal certainly gave them confidence and we were at sixes and sevens and we couldn’t get control and were panicking all over the field but some how we got a 4th alex completing his hat trick.

Hopefully that would settled us but sadly we continued to struggle and wanderers got a third which was very disappointing.

Unfortunately the goal was very similar to goals we conceded the previous week because we didn’t defend it correctly we need to realise just swinging to clear a ball isn’t good enough you need to control the ball and win it if you don’t we get punished and we did as the ball went through the defence and the wanderers player was through to calmly finish it off 4-3.

Wanderers still seemed to control the game we were second best to everything lots of the boys were having off days,and the final goal was scored after we conceded a free kick outside the box. We put up a good wall which Korban set up but they looked confident at taking the strike at goal and sadly Korban moved just a little to far across to the other side managed to scrambled back across but just was unable to keep it out.

That’s how the game finished in a 4-4 draw possibly mk wanderers kestrels probably felt disappointed not to get the win because they certainly tried to get it,thankfully for us we managed to scrap a draw,we certainly know ourselves sometimes you don’t get the result to the performance deserves.

Today wasn’t our best performance maybe moving to 11v11 is harder than we thought it would be kestrels have played a few of them so may have helped them but personally we felt today we under performed certainly I felt it was our worst performance overall this season we lacked effort and to many of the boys under performed and we didn’t looked like the team we usually do hopefully we don’t do that next week in our first league 2 game.

Recently I’ve had to mentioned several players during my reports but today it’s been hard to mention individuals.

Alex today showed us his versatility 1st half he played at left back then 2nd half up front and getting his hat trick with some nice finishing from team goals.

But Bailey today finally got his performance right from start to finish.

Last week he was great for 50 minutes and sadly spoilt it in the last 10 minutes which we discussed it with him and he himself realised what he did wrong even if he disagreed with what he did.

today before the game I spoke to him again and told him we wanted that again but for the full game and he defiantly did that and a bit more,for me he was the only player for the whole game that looked like he wanted to get the ball down play our way and when we didn’t have the ball showed the desire to try and win it back from the first to the last minute.
We thank mk wanderers kestrels for today’s game and wish them well for the rest of the season.

MK Wanderers Hawks

Squad. Aaron,Alex,Alfie ,Bailey,Callum,Callan,John,Korban,Malik(c),Morgan & Sam.

Goals. Aaron,Morgan & Callan 2

Cyclones today play MK Wanderers Hawks who won winter league division 2 before Christmas so would be a good test for the boys.

Charlie unfortunately wasn’t available due to a fractured wrist so just the 11 boys today.

Pre match we discussed what we wanted from the boys and more importantly what we didn’t want to do today and we couldn’t emphasise enough to the boys especially to the defence and Korban that off side were gonna be difficult as it wasn’t much of a gap so we needed to not let them beat us that way.

So the game started and to be fair we were trying to play the ball around the pitch with some good passing moves but we seem to be leaving a gap in dangerous position and it cost us a simple pass from midfield where we had nobody in passed the ball past our defence and unfortunately Korban wasn’t quick enough coming out and we were 1-0 down.

1-0 soon became 2-0 when we our defence was basically no existent we were again caught by poor defending.

The strange thing was we were certainly playing the better football we seem to be moving the ball really well we were having chances and most of the possession just not finding the goal.

And again poor defending then cost us another goal 3-0 MK Wanderers Hawks.

Again disappointing but we still felt we could get back into the game and finally a break through a great corner was crossed in for Morgan to finish it off scrappy but we needed it 3-1 and that’s how it finished at half time.

Half time team talk was get the negative stuff away first but the boys all knew what we had done wrong and then we just told them to keep playing the football the way we were as coaches the attacking play was good but very unlike us the defending was not its best.

We started the 2nd half well so well it was very quickly 3-2 Callan with a fantastic bit of skill and control finished off with a sweet left footed shot.

For the next 5-10 minutes we dominated pushing for the equaliser but again we couldn’t get that goal.

Then was a mad 5 minutes Wanderers got a 4th,5th and 6th where it came from I don’t know but we just fell apart poor clearance and more errors we completely gave the game away the boys faces said it all none of us could find a answer how this had happened,but all we could say was just keep going don’t give in stick those heads up and keep going.

The boys did that continued playing good football and making chances and Aaron got us another goal nicely passing the ball into the bottom left hand corner.

Wanderers then got there 7th I’ll be honest I can’t remember it but again it hurt,us coaches and the boys but again they didn’t give in we certainly was frustrating wanderers at times which got heated toward the end of the game but we controlled ourselves well and to the boys credit we got a 4th goal Callan again finishing off well.

That’s how it finished MK Wanderers Hawks 7-4 Cyclones.

We certainly had a game to remember but also forget mixed emotions

We certainly had a bad day defensively Korban,Callum,Morgan,Alex & John as a unit are very reliable they don’t usually have games like today but we can’t just blame them we defend as a team the midfield at times also let the defence down and they certainly have saved us plenty of times this year so a bad day occasionally can’t be blamed(but please not to often like this).

But our offensive play was great today all the boys participated In it our defenders played the ball out and made runs at times,we used the wings well and was having lots of chances which was great and to be honest we certainly had the better part of the game but wanderers were clinical on our mistakes and they made us pay for them which we see happen often in the premier league top teams do that.

After the game we were told by a wanderers coach we had 27 shots 18 on target to wanderers 16 shots 13 on target and remember they scored 7 and we probably gave them 5 of them today,on another day we could have won by a similar score line.

Special mentions today go to Callan,Bailey and john.

Callan’s ability has never been in doubt we know he has it but at times he doesn’t give us enough and as coaches we have been trying to get him to give us that extra bit and in the 2nd half today he succeeded in this and hope he sees the rewards of that with the brace today.

Bailey again for 70 minutes of today was fantastic he was involved in everything good we did he did everything right passing,moving and it was great to see,he just got frustrated in the last 10minutes after a tough decision not given his way.

John,today even though the defence had a bad day at the office for us was calm,controlled and showed some great movement with the ball we also heard his voice today and he certainly caused the wanderers attackers frustration at times.

We should be disappointed with the result and some mistakes but on the same side be pleased with some of our play which we as coaches certainly were.

We thank MK Wanderers Hawks for the game today and wish them well in league 1 hopefully we get to try our luck against you soon.