Woburn & Wavendon Football Club News U7 Whirlwinds play a very friendly ‘friendly’

U7 Whirlwinds play a very friendly ‘friendly’

Friendly friendly

Woburn & Wavendon’s U7s Whirlwinds team recently played a very friendly ‘friendly’ with neighbouring U7 team City Colts Eagles, based in Middleton. And instead of the usual format, on the day the squads were mixed together to create two non-descript teams.

“Even though all U7 games are non-competitive, it is impossible to escape the fact that two teams are essentially in a contest against each other,” said Whirlwinds manager, Scott Russon. “Inevitably the games at this entry-level stage, while good-natured, do have a competitive atmosphere, which is heightened by team identities, team-specific support from parents, plus coaching from the sidelines.

“This mixed team format was a great way to create a more relaxed atmosphere where the boys simply played football: there was next-to-no coaching, there was an increase in encouragement and appreciation for both teams from supporters and the coaches, and it was an occasion that all the boys really enjoyed.”

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