Caveman Conditioning Comes To Woburn

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Caveman Conditioning Comes To Crawley Road – Woburn

“Caveman Conditioning is a complete training programme, which involves all the key principles of training.

Session to session, week to week your training fluctuates in volume (the time you do something)  and intensity (how hard you do it) so that we can target all 3 of the bodies energy systems as well as the all strength and power characteristics.

We use unconventional training methods such as heavy sleds, tractor tyres, ropes and chains so that you don’t need to do endless hours of running. In fact running is less than 10% of your training programme.”

We will be training at Woburn Village Hall Playing fields on Tuesday and Thursday nights @ 7pm, Friday @ 10am and Sunday @ 9.30am. Please come down and give it a try!!

For more information please look at our website –

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