Woburn & Wavendon Football Club Lions – U13 Tornadoes

Lions – U13 Tornadoes

Tornadoes (2023/24)

Manager – Asad Asif (FA Level 2 Coach) | 07764482736 | E-mail Asad

Caz Bar – Proud Sponsor of Tornadoes match kits

The Tornadoes were formed in December 17 and then entered into the MKDDL January 18. Currently 12 players who all share a passion for learning and playing, they have developed into players that thrive to understand more about the game as well as their own ability.

With all matches and tournaments it is explained to the Tornadoes that we aren’t playing for a particular result but more for the opportunity to develop. Our ethos is to take every minute played as a learning experience to build on the players technical ability (as individual as well as a team) and emotional intelligence, which will result in a more mature long-term player.