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Like most football clubs, methods of getting to matches have been varied to say the least!

In the early days it was not uncommon for up to 7 players to cram into Simon Spoors’ Fiat 126 !  “Lucky it had a sun roof so they could stand up” recalled Simon.

Fiat 127

7 players in a 126……. ‘quite remarkable’.

Not sure if this was strictly part of Pat’s run, & no sign of a black & white cat from this shot of Paul Mowat’s team in the 80’s.

Woburn Lions... a very 'Special Delivery'.

Woburn Lions… a very ‘Special Delivery’.

However, some away day travel has been more upmarket. Certainly the Virgin Jumbo that took the boys to Florida in ’89 was pretty impressive.Virgin 747Even in the early days, coaches (with wheels) did feature in Woburn Lions matches.  “Not for us lot to travel in…. it was hard enough to get kit for everyone” commented Nick Alderson (70’s player and current parent).  “But a touring Belgium side turned up in one at Fulbrook School to play us…. very unusual in those days.”

Is that a Bedford YMT/Plaxton 53 seater ?

Is that a Bedford YMT/Plaxton 53 seater ?

More recently it has become a regular away day for several of our teams on a double decker coach for the Hatters Cup in Luton.

I’m sure there must be loads of other travel tales…. and maybe even some pics ?  If you have any, please get in touch:- robert.hill62@btinternet.com

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